Hummingbird Speed Optimization Free WordPress Plugin

Got a serious need for speed? Satisfy it – for free, use the Hummingbird speed optimization free WordPress plugin and speed up your site load

Hummingbird Speed Optimization Free WordPress Plugin

Got a serious need for speed? Satisfy it – for free! – with Hummingbird. Speed optimization plugin is available to download at In this article, we’ll show the speed optimization free WordPress plugin.

Hummingbird is the ultimate performance optimization plugin for WordPress. Once activated, it scans your site for potential speed improvements and provides fine-tuned controls for file compression, minification, and browser caching. Not only does Hummingbird make your site faster, but it also helps you improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score!

Simple, Fast, and Free Speed Optimization WordPress Plugin

You may have noticed we’ve been looking for ways to give back to the WordPress community, and what better way to spread the love than by sharing some of our favorite tools!

Well, everyone’s making a big deal over pagespeed because it is a BIG DEAL. Slow pages have visitors bouncing faster than a rabbit in heat, and if your site isn’t optimized to load lightning fast, you can kiss your dreams of ranking on the front page of Google goodbye.

With quarter-of-a-million downloads, Hummingbird alongside Smush image optimization is the powerhouse site optimization duo for every WordPress site.

Crank Up the Speed With Hummingbird

When you install Hummingbird, it will run an initial scan that looks for files that are slowing down your site and spin up a list of recommendations for making your site run at top speed.

Hummingbird Speed Optimization Free WordPress Plugin
Run your first scan to get one-click improvements and suggestions for speeding up your site.

Hummingbird even includes one-click improvements that will quickly make your site perform at its best without confusing instructions.

Hummingbird Minification Powers: Speed Optimization Free WordPress Plugin

Loading all your files from the header of your site make your pages load slowly. Hummingbird will tell you where your files are loading and let you easily reposition them to speed things up.

Reordering files provide a big boost, but we know one wrong move can cause compatibility issues. With Hummingbird, there’s no need to worry! Move files to find the best configuration, and if something goes wrong, you can reset with a click.

Reorder, compress, and reposition files with Hummingbird free speed optimization WordPress plugin.

Make Your Files Really Fly with GZIP Compression

Activate GZIP and make sharing your site with others more efficient. Sending zipped files is faster and can save you money on hosting.

Sounds complicated, right? Not with Hummingbird. Just activate GZIP, and Hummingbird will take care of the rest. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Load Your Pages Even Faster the Second Time

Did you know you can make your site load even faster for returning visitors? Browser caching stores content in your visitor’s browser so they don’t have to download things twice.

No fumbling around with confusing settings. Hummingbird detects your server, applies the best settings for your setup, and gives you fine-tune control over cache expiration.

Give returning visitors a faster experience when you activate the Hummingbird browser cache.

Cloudflare is Baked In With Speed Optimization Free WordPress Plugin

We think CloudFlare is pretty great, so we added the ability to control your Cloudflare browser cache settings right from inside Hummingbird. So, simply add your Cloudflare key and configure it away. So, Hummingbird is a kind WordPress performance optimization plugin that can make your site run at superspeed for free!

Unlock Your Sites’ Full Potential With a WPMU DEV Membership

The Free version of Hummingbird is a great way to squeeze the most out of your site but if you need automated scans, uptime monitoring, enhanced minify compression with up to 2x the regular optimization. In addition to CDN hosted minification, and Smush Pro image optimization, ratchet up the power with a WPMU DEV Membership.

Plus, if you’re running more than one site, Hummingbird Pro locks directly into The Hub so you can manage all your sites’ optimization. Moreover, security, backups, SEO, plugin and theme updates, and much, much more right from one place. Ready to get started with WPMU DEV? Get started completely free for one month.