Importance of CMMS in Facility Management

In this comprehensive guide, we'll share the importance of CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software benefits in facility

Updated on January 19, 2024
Importance of CMMS in Facility Management

The world of business is vast. Some new ideas and innovations daily spur the competition to the next level. From simple to complex approaches, from selling products to selling services, from conventional supermarkets where people had to go and purchase to more manageable and more excellent virtual markets where people buy and sell staying under their warm blanket. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share the importance of CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software benefits in facility.

The business world is ever in constant change and progress. In this article, you’ll learn the importance of CMMS facility management for your business.

In such a sophisticated business world, the concept of ‘facility management’ or FM, in short, has emerged. It is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines and integrates available people, processes, places, and technology to ensure the built environment’s functionality, efficiency, safety, and comfort.

computerized maintenance management system software benefits

CMMS, or computerized maintenance management system, is modern technology based on computerized software that ensures the FM is done most effectively and with the best results.

We’ll discuss it in three major parts. The first part will deal with the basic concept of facility management. Then, we’ll try to explain the utility of CMMS. Finally, there will be a practical example, a software overview (Axxerion CMMS software), to clarify how software adroitly accomplishes facility management.

Facility Management, in short

At the beginning of the 21st century, when more scrutinized and elaborated research was carried out in business and technology, the term facility management became increasingly used as a business discipline. It emphasized the effective utilization of all corporate resources.

Not all the companies that start to provide any service can accomplish their job in the best possible way. They suffer numerous problems and drawbacks in a wide variety of ways. Facility management is carried out when—

  • The maintenance cost increases beyond prediction and general calculation.
  • There are difficulties in asset management and tracking.
  • The amount of uncompleted maintenance tasks increases unmanageably.
  • Safety issues are occurring again and again.

Scope of FM:

  • Firstly, it provides the professional education of the workforce. They need to learn the standards and procedures during any emergency.
  • It ensures facility compliance.
  • It discovers environmental, health, security, and safety issues and decides what to do.
  • In addition, it anticipates future facility needs. With a company’s and its business’s growth, energy efficiency is a critical issue to prepare for.
  • Finally, the most important is that facility management ensures the most lucrative profit and increase of overall goodwill from a company’s available property, manpower, and resources.

Role of CMMS in facility management:

From the above discussion, we get a clear picture of the great job that the facility management does. In the old days, this meant loads of paperwork— calculative decision-making from lots of data and information from various sources. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share the importance of CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software benefits in the facility.

It took days to decide and generate reports. As time changed, computer technology offered us the magic wand of software that can calculate tons of data and information within milliseconds, choose according to pre-programmed requirements, and generate reports with as much breakdown and branching as the company requires with just a mouse-click or a button-press.

This is called the CMMS. Before taking you to a real computerized maintenance management system, we’ll describe some short utilities of CMMS software.

Let’s see specifically what the CMMS does to address the issues mentioned above:

Manage work orders efficiently

Regardless of the amount and number of work orders, the CMMS monitors them, tracks them, and precisely instructs the procedures to do away with them. Keep reading this comprehensive guide, we’ll share the importance of CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software benefits in facility

Plan and schedule preventive maintenance with CMMS facility management

CMMS masterminds the inspection and maintenance schedule of all the machinery and the system, preventing any failure due to lack of warning.

Manage spare parts inventory

During the age of register and dispatch books, there were enormous errors and mistakes, and after that, companies needed another course of tracking down and eliminating the errors. Thanks to the computerized inventory system that not only generates the reports of every single (or all, if you require) spare part but also any ‘irregular or unusual log activity’ of them.

Eliminate paperwork

You do a sincere entry of all the overhead costs over a year. As a result, you can clearly see how much you’ve spent on entertainment. Or if you are traveling in the present month, how have the overhead costs increased from the previous months? If there were any unwanted costs that you could have avoided.

All these calculations required a lot of paperwork and hours of calculations. As a result, the CMMS can provide neatly and with more detail.

Enhance productivity with CMMS facility management

When you’re using your CMMS from your smartphone. You can monitor any activity or get any report from your dining table, reducing travel costs. This type of software is also smart enough to update data from the internet. Expand your ideas by adding new medicines or new accessories available on the market to your business.

Monitor the whole business in one screen

Can you think of leaving the daily managers’ meeting in your office room? It’s only possible when you have your laptop with the CMMS software. You can check, monitor, get reports, or even inquire about the absence of any technician at any time. Sales, production, accounting, marketing. Whatever departments are there, where they are located, and how they function. They’re all right in front of your eyes. The whole business is on your desk!

Ensure compliance with regulatory standards with CMMS facility management

There are always some national and community regulatory standards to be with. The automation system of CMMS does it with much reliability and ease.

In addition, every day, the business world is getting more and more complex and sophisticated. To keep pace with that world, the CMMS is necessary for those aspiring to reach the zenith.

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Mehdi Khalvati, Ph.D. is the president of Axxerion Inc. Dr. Khalvati has more than twenty years of systems and software solution development experience. Moreover, has created several leading solutions in the Facilities Management, Design, and Construction marketplace. Dr. Khalvati holds degrees in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Computer Sciences with a Doctorate from UC Berkeley.