The Importance of Security Precautions for Busy Businesses

See the importance of security precautions for online companies & businesses, active & passive tips that improve workplace and office safety

By Claudio Pires
Updated on March 1, 2023
The Importance of Security Precautions for Busy Businesses

Whether your business is worried about its intranet, smartphones made available to executive-level staff, its website, or a mobile app for retail customers to access their accounts, active and passive security measures are required to keep the company safe. See now the importance of security precautions for online companies & businesses, in addition to active & passive tips that improve workplace and office safety.

Businesses are vulnerable in various ways when it comes to security. Both internally and externally, there are risk factors. Planning and protecting against the worst risks is essential to reduce the likelihood of an unfavorable outcome. And should the worse happen, hiring a specialized firm to get to the bottom of it has considerable merit.

Security Precautions Tips

Protecting Company Smartphones: Companies Online Security Precautions

With company-issued smartphones, they must be to protect data and network access. Phones should be up as encrypts from the outset.

Both the internal and added storage (in the case of Android or Windows phones) can encrypt. Usually, as a feature within the operating system itself. So, to prevent the data from being extracted, should the phone be lost without security precautions?

Secure the login using a master lock code. Fingerprints work too, but they can be challenging.

In the event that a smartphone is lost and subsequently back. It’s helpful to have a digital investigator review the phone. They may be able to confirm from phone logs whether it was improperly logged and data copied or transferred off the phone when it was in a thief’s hands.

WordPress for Websites: Companies Online Security Precautions

More than 20 percent of websites are on the WordPress content management system. Not all of them have adequate security present, and subsequently, many sites get hanks every day.

Using a web hosting company that offers specialized WordPress hosting with custom lock-outs to improve WP security is essential.

You can choose between a dedicated WP host like WPEngine or other hosts like SiteGround that have dedicated WP plans and update installations to the latest WordPress version automatically to protect against known vulnerabilities.

It’s also helpful to add some WordPress plugins to beef up security from the inside. Adding Loginizer protects against brute force repeated login attempts by locking out IP addresses for some time. WordFence Security protects against various hacking shots, including SQL code injections, login access, etc. Both have free versions with fewer features that are still very usable.

Mobile Apps Development Security Precautions

When a mobile app is with the company’s brand, it’s essential to understand that it opens up a hornet’s nest of potential new security issues. Keep reading to understand the importance of security precautions for online companies & businesses, in addition to active & passive tips that improve workplace and office safety.

Security exploits are daily to use against mobile apps. Sometimes these result from bad coding practices, and other times, they originate from the iOS and Android codebase itself.

To protect the app and data for the company and its customers, it’s necessary to keep developing mobile apps continuously.

They’ll never be complete. There will always be new issues that crop up, requiring a quick fix and the release of a new updated version that plugs a security hole.

Thinking about security and taking the necessary steps to protect the company and its employees from issues is essential.

Sometimes this can be entirely in-house, but at other times it’s best to hire a specialist team because they can leverage their experience to act fast to resolve the problem before the damage becomes worse.

Utilize a Password Manager

Every employee utilizes multiple platforms and apps to complete their daily tasks. Keeping a log of all of those passwords is not only a hassle, it is also a concern for workplace online companies security precautions.

Consider investing in a single sign-on solution aggregating multiple logins under a single primary password. This will facilitate the protection of employee passwords and minimize the possibility of hacks.

Data Loss Prevention Technologies

These methods assist in preventing employees from downloading or sending unlawful information.

The most common instance of this is an email encryption service. When emails are encrypted, they are more difficult to access since viruses cannot penetrate the security of the encryption.

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