How to Improve Your Link Building Efforts for Your WordPress Site

How to improve and optimize your link efforts when building your WordPress site? See this article for the best ways to do this

How to Improve Your Link Building Efforts for Your WordPress Site

There are many reasons why businesses and bloggers are using WordPress. For starters, WordPress is free to install and very easy to navigate and upgrade. It’s one of the most popular content management systems in the world, and with a handful of plugins available, one can utilize such a system based on the demands of the market and its audience. WordPress is also a flexible software, allowing users to represent their brands. However, because you’re not the first or only person to use WordPress, how can you ensure that yours stand out? How can you get the traction you need when the competition in the business arena is tough? How to Improve and optimize Link Building Efforts When Building Your WordPress site? Working on your own or availing of link building services is the key.

WordPress Link Building Efforts
WordPress Link Building Efforts

Link building is one strategy that can put your business or brand on top of search engine results pages. When your WordPress site has the components for effective link building, you will receive referral traffic, improve brand visibility and brand authority, and increase your brand’s trust and credibility. If you have been using WordPress for years and you’re still not getting any of these benefits, optimize and work to improve your efforts with your site’s link building strategies by doing the following:

  • 90% of link builders state that nofollow links impact search rankings
  • 69% of SEO professionals believe links can positively influence rankings
  • 94% believe that, even in five years, links will continue to be a critical factor in Google’s ranking criteria
  • As 67% of respondents indicated, the Domain Rating (DR) by Ahrefs is the most favored metric

Get to know Your Audience

There are many ways how you can take advantage of a WordPress site, but most commonly, it is used to grow an existing audience and expand to a new market. To do this, assess who your existing audience is and who will be your ideal audience. If your business is selling health supplements, your current audience might be professionals in the healthcare and fitness industry.

This can include gym and yoga instructors, nutritionists, and dieticians. You can think about reaching out to a more general group of health-conscious individuals – such as the ones who are keen on gaining or losing weight – and consider them as your ideal audience. Do some research and get to know your audience. Determine which type of content is appealing to them.

Come Up With a List of Websites that are Suited for Your Desired Audience

Now that you know your ideal audience do your homework and scout for websites that are suited to this audience. Make a list of websites that can help you communicate with your new audience easily and fast. If you find websites that already have a well-established name and reputation in the eyes of your new audience, don’t forget to use their links. Supplementing your link building strategies with these links can help you reach your new audience.

If you want your WordPress site to be known as an expert in the industry, always write amazing content. This is also one of the easiest ways to have other websites use your WordPress link. Your content should be accurate, informative, and clean. It should be free from any grammatical errors and written using simple words. Most importantly, your content should be relatable to your existing and new audience. Put yourself in their shoes, and think about what type of content they are expecting from your WordPress site.

If you’re selling products and services, your content shouldn’t be focused on merely selling. Instead, your content should tell the audience how their lives can improve with your products and services.

Paint a clear picture of how their life is right now and what possible problems they are facing. Most often than not, your audience doesn’t realize that there’s a problem, which is why they also don’t consider buying from a certain business. If your content can open their eyes to the problems they’re facing, it’ll be easy for the audience to decide to buy from you.

Match Content to Websites

Go back to the list of websites you have. Assess which of these websites fit the content you’ve written and use those links in your content. It’s best that you choose websites that have the same niche as yours. Doing this will add credibility to your content.

Aside from posting pictures and sharing your daily status, you can also utilize social media to promote your WordPress site. Once content is already published, copy the link and post this on different social media platforms. If you have social media accounts solely used for your business or blog, use these to promote your WordPress link. If you already have a strong following on these platforms, it’ll be easier for your WordPress site to gain traffic.

Ask Pros for Help

There are several sources that can help you with your link building efforts. However, if you have too many things on your plate, you might not have time to optimize any strategy. Or if you’re building links for the first time, you could end up with incomplete results that could hurt your online reputation. You can move away from this direction by working with professionals like NO-BS Marketplace. These companies offer services to help you with your efforts to optimize link building to your site. Hiring them can be a cost-effective solution to all your link building problems.

If you want your link building strategies to deliver the results you want, optimize and target your efforts to bring a new audience to your site.This should be your priority. So you’ll be able to streamline your efforts and determine which techniques you should use and shouldn’t use. Improved SEO ranking through link building on your WordPress site and all other benefits are secondary effects. These will all come along once you’ve successfully gained a new audience.