Improve Your Digital Marketing With Python

High-level marketing strategies involve processing vast amounts of data on a basis. Learn how to improve your digital marketing with Python.

Updated on July 25, 2022
Improve Your Digital Marketing With Python

High-level digital marketing strategies often involve processing vast amounts of data on a regular basis. In most cases also, it entails repetitive tasks such as gathering campaign statistics, generating reports, measuring conversion rates, email marketing, and analyzing customer behavior on a website – the list is endless. In this article, you’ll learn how to improve your digital marketing with Python.


This is where a programming language like python can come to your rescue. It helps you automate most mundane tasks so you can focus on more important tasks that move the needle.

The good news is python is probably the easiest language to learn. Which makes it ideal for complete beginners who want to gain data visualization and automation capabilities. It’s also considered to be the best at predictive analysis and machine learning.

Smart digital marketers can use it to run advanced analytical methods on datasets. As a way to predict the future and plan their marketing goals accordingly.

If you are still on the fence about whether to adopt the python dictionary in your online business. Read on to learn how this popular language can spruce your digital marketing.

Market Portfolio Analysis

Digital marketers rely on the market portfolio analysis to identify transactions and item combinations within those transactions. With so many transactions and item combos, it can be hard to analyze all of them manually. Luckily, python makes it a piece of cake with its RFM analysis capability.

RFM, which stands for recency, frequency, and monetary value, is a method of analyzing the most significant customers. It shows how recently and often customers purchase and how much they spend on purchases. You can also extract the time of purchase, group items that are purchased together in one row, and show how often people buy these items together.

A/B Testing

AB Testing is a quick way to compare different versions of website features to find out which version offers better conversion than the other. It’s important because it provides accurate answers quickly and allows for rapid iteration on ideas. To run successful A/B tests, you need baseline and desired conversion rates and the number of web visitors in a control group A and a test group B. Python can help you achieve a difference that’s close to the desired rate.

Email Marketing To Improve Your Digital Marketing With Python

Email marketing involves sending tons of emails which is needed when leading a prospect through a marketing funnel. There are numerous tools to automate email marketing campaigns today with notable names including MailChimp, GetResponse and Sendinblue. What most don’t tell you is that their processes are founded on Python scripts.

Python’s CSV module allows for processing of huge amounts of personalized emails by providing customizable variables. You just need to create a CSV file containing their email addresses as well as HTML and TXT files for the email body. You can then create personalized emails and automate the process of sending them to each customer using those Python scripts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Marketers can also use the Python language to analyze large amounts of data and automate SEO-related tasks. For example, when a site migrates to a new address, some links from the old address can break leading to 404 errors.

With python, you can map URLs to correlate old links with new addresses without any issues. If the objective to analyze internal links is to identify broken links on large websites, the technology can allow for easy tracing in a fast and dynamic way.

The language can also help with keyword research by allowing you to look for common terms that are relevant to and being searched by your potential visitors. Through deep learning, it can further help you categorize these keywords by intention to improve your digital marketing strategy. Finally, you can analyze the current SERPs to see which companies are already ranking better for each group of keywords.

Other ways to use Python for SEO is to optimize images to improve your website’s loading speed as well as web scraping to understand the user and gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

PPC Campaigns To Improve Your Digital Marketing With Python

Python has a major focus on SEO but what about PPC? Adding a bit of this technology to a PPC campaign can improve your conversions, CTR and time spent. The amount of data you can obtain from a PPC campaign can grow very quickly, making it difficult to organize and automate it into a logical structure.

Marketers can use python + Google API to automate a wide range of PPC-related tasks. Additionally, python allows you to find possible areas of improvement on your PPC ads using Google Search Console. It does this by finding keywords and terms with poor conversion and CPA using those phrases.

Python also combines with Excel and Google Sheets to project future trends, generate keywords and create campaigns. As data can be exported as CSV files and spreadsheets, it allows for easy importation into a spreadsheet program.

Finally, you can also combine Google Data Studio with Python to streamline data visualization and reporting. Python even goes a step further to help you spy on competitors when combined with tools such as Data Studio.

Effective Campaign Monitoring To Improve Your Digital Marketing With Python

Running successful digital marketing campaigns involves close monitoring of campaigns and course correction. Python custom codes allow you to monitor your paid ads, clicks, checkouts, conversion rates and other parameters in real-time.

This is key if you’re to create effective campaigns by correcting the fault lines in the components. You could use codes for Facebook, YouTube, Google and other social websites using their APIs to make your campaigns even more successful. Python can also help you automate the repetitive tasks of the campaign, which saves you a great deal of time and effort.

Are You Using Python in Your Online Business?

Rather than spending more time and effort on repetitive tasks, python allows you to focus on what you do best – marketing. The good news is that it’s easy and free to learn this language as it’s an open-source language with plenty of free resources and tutorials online.

In a nutshell, you can use python for your RFM analysis, bulk emails, A/B testing, SEO and PPC advertising.