Selling WordPress themes has become an excellent source of revenue, with some creators earning six figures a year. But, as these things go, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the theme crowd in marketplaces. One way to differentiate your themes from the pack and get noticed by the browsing customer is by showcasing your theme with a stock video. In this article, you’ll learn how to increase your WordPress theme sales with stock video.

Increase Your WordPress Theme Sales with Stock Video

How to Use Stock Video in WordPress?

If you don’t know what stock video is, I recommend you quickly read an introduction to stock video and then come back to read the rest of this article. Whether you’re developing a video-centric theme or a more generic theme, your WordPress theme will most likely offer video capability to the user. The best way to promote and sell your theme is to make it visually appealing to customers and populate your theme with visuals, colors, and copy that will help them imagine their finished website, both in the theme demo version and the actual theme.

Where to Use Stock Video in WordPress?

Let’s review three use cases and locations where stock video footage can add value to your marketing. So, to your theme.

Video tutorials: Stock Video to Increase WordPress Sales

Video content drives traffic to your website or landing page which in term will help you sell your theme. For instance, you could add a product video or explainer video to your landing page with tips on how users can make the most of your theme. SO, one that leverages the power of video tutorials within the themes live preview version. It’s mostly screen recording interspersed with stock video to keep things interesting.

Video backgrounds

Does your theme enable video backgrounds? Uploading stock video footage to your theme’s background will better showcase your product. Rather than color, pattern, or picture, the stock video will add movement to your theme. Because the background takes up much real estate, this moving image will attract eyeballs like nothing else. Online Stock video libraries offer millions of royalty-free stock videos. With just a little browsing. So a way that stock video increase WordPress sales you can find visually striking footage! So, they uses tastefully toned-down stock footage that uplift your website without interfering with the copy.


When browsing the web for WordPress themes, time and again I stumble on themes that use boring placeholder images on their video pages, carousels, and blog posts. Not being able to see the theme in action is a surefire way to get potential customers to click away. This is where stock footage truly shines. Bring your theme to life by populating all your placeholders with stock footage. In addition, a Vlog theme is a top-rated video theme that uses placeholder videos with beautiful stock footage.

Check out the theme examples we’ve listed here. Now try to imagine those themes without the compelling stock video. Maybe with just a graphic instead that says, “insert video here”. How boring and unappealing that would be. Using stock video in your WordPress theme is an excellent way to attract more buyers and increase sales! 

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