Increasing Social Media Traffic To Your Site

See the best practices and strategies to keep increasing the social media traffic to your website and keep all your audiences growing in a healthy way

Increasing Social Media Traffic To Your Site

There are so many ways in which you can increase social media traffic. But just because any method will work that does not mean it is cost effective. If it fails to provide you with the right ROI, it will not make any sense for the business you are running. You can easily waste a lot of money and time chasing online strategies and trying on some of the secret tactics that might cost you way too much for little. Then you have some of the proven techniques too, which when done right can often increase the traffic associated with social media.

They will probably help you meet some of the revenue goals. These tactics are not here to burden you with some of the acquisition costs, which are not sustainable. This is the right kind of strategy that every business should need, especially the smaller ones. Want to know it can be done? For some of them, you might need your Instagram followers to follow you. There are other tactics to it as well.

Increasing Social Media Traffic To Your Site

You can get it down with Facebook traffic campaigns:

Do you feel any trouble getting noticed on social media? If so, then this is quite frustrating. If you do not have followers, no one almost is going you see your content. On the other hand, if no one gets to see your content, it is really hard to get or gain any momentum.

  • Social media based traffic campaigns will be the answer to your problem. You might end up spending various months quite slowly, which will be increasing impressions and you might gain followers. However, time is the money over here.
  • Getting that traffic now is quite important if you are attracting some of the high quality of them. That traffic is the one which will engage and re-engage.
  • This section might include a higher percentage of people, who are likely to become subscribers, followers, customers or any goals you might want to be.

Ways to use traffic campaigns for higher quality traffic on social media:

You always need social media based traffic. Any form of acquisition costs is mostly justifiable in case you are lucky enough to set the campaigns in a correct manner. Creating some of the higher targeted ads will help you to work on that well. Some of the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook will help in showing the ads and even boosting posts to a much-selected group of audience. You will choose the right one here sure.

Get to determine the audience:

You better start this note by pointing out who the audience is going to be. In case, you are one established business, make sure to use data as collected from the existing customers. Make sure to create either one or multiple buyer personas.

  • Whenever you are selecting a group of audience, there are some points that you might have to cater to. Those points are goals, interests, buying behavior, challenges and the basic demographics like education, income, gender, age, and location.
  • For the next stop, you better look at the options right on Facebook. If you fail to have that specified trait, make sure to consider how some of the other traits might relate to the same.
  • You have multiple options over here for now. you better target by the things over here like political affiliation, ages of children or the parenting style, industry, entertainment of choice and a specified employer. You have to get along with health habits and much more than that.
  • Further, get the chance to target groups based on the upcoming events now. You will seriously notice that the reach of the ads goes down as you might become more selective in nature. It feels like you are losing the potential traffic intentionally.
  • Don’t you want to reach an end number of people? Yes, you do. For that, you better target the crowd wisely. Reach for some of the right people with proper message. That is what targeting is all about.
  • Are you trying to reach way too many people who are not the right people? If so, then you are actually overspending on a lot of accidental clicks. People always thought you to be something else and they might never come back.

Make sure to retarget the audiences:

Along with just targeting some of the Facebook data, you might want to use your very own data for the same. Get to create some of the customized audiences by just uploading the contact list. Facebook can help in showing the ad to the said contacts. Most of them are on Facebook and you might want to get along with that. On the other hand, you might further ask Facebook to just send ads to people who have already visited the page, followed or liked you.

  • Now, you must be wondering why you are targeting people who actually know you. Well, the answer is yes. It will actually take around 7 to 13 points before someone might become invested completely in the brand.
  • They will see you right in the searches, social media and even in other locations. These points will add up quickly when you are actually trying to retarget the traffic.
  • A recent study from Adobe has shown that attracting such traffic that has already even visited can always increase the click-through by around 400% and revenues by around 200%. In case, you have one contact list, this proves to be one effective strategy to focus at.

Time to create look-alikes:

With some of the look-alike audiences, FB helps in combining data with theirs. It might show ads to people with similarities to people right on the list. In case, you have a higher quality contact list, then the people on the list will be your target. FB will help you find more such people. Remember to take the most use of social media to grow traffic to your side.

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