Instagram Shopping: A Hit Or Miss

The Instagram shopping growth and adoption have been very rapid since its launch but let's explore if the social eCommerce is a hit or a miss

Updated on March 15, 2024
Instagram Shopping: A Hit Or Miss

Is Instagram Shopping a hit or miss? India has the most Instagram users (about 230.25 million users from India alone and 159.75 users from the US), making India a potential market. With its brand new feature of a shoppable feed and a bunch of unique tools to increase the conversion rate increases the user experience. Instagram’s kind design helps potential clients to view almost every piece of information related to the product in a single post, and the user-friendly UX stops the conversion rate from decreasing.

What Is Instagram Shopping?

It’s an eCommerce store merged with Facebook. The growth of Instagram shops since they launched has only grown. This exponential growth has attracted many other businesses to the platform.

You can advertise your products on your account, and people can buy them while just scrolling. The popularity of this app and a new generation of celebrities are famous on the platform. Also known as Influencers, have played an important role in this new campaign’s success.

It is estimated that almost 130 million people are clicking on the tagged products in the posts as they can drive more sales, which visually pleases the audience. In addition, it is a great way for smaller businesses to increase their online revenue.

Instagram is also said to experiment with shopping on IGTV and reels, which proved to be another huge success after TikTok was banned in India.

So we can say that and could soon make a purchase from almost any app part. And this will have a positive effect on the conversion rate.

The Secret To Instagram Shop’s Success

Regular updates and frequent addition of new and unique features have only given an extra push to the growth of Instagram shops. Freedom over the layout of the page and method of promotion are some of these features.

Other features, such as showing reviews and short descriptions of the products, have considerably improved sales on Instagram stores. Usually, when buying a product involves a lot of effort or has a non-user-friendly interface. A huge percentage of potential clients falls off the conversion funnel.

Instagram has just made shopping easier than ever with these features.

We can say that Instagram is trying to convert itself into a fully-fledged eCommerce app. For example, discovering products directly from the navigation menu has made shopping and finding new products easier.

Why Should You Also Set Up Your Shop On Instagram?

Brilliant Algorithm

Every user is estimated to spend at least an hour daily on Instagram, half of which is spent scrolling through the feed; hence, it is only logical to use it to your advantage. The algorithm and brilliant design will maximize the fruits of your digital marketing effort. Using perfectly designed posts for the target audience and trendy audio is a great combo, to begin with, a strategy.

The clear and distinguishable visual representation makes products more accessible. The post serves as eye candy and lets the buyers see the product they will buy in daily use.

Seize The Opportunity

Instagram Shopping is a hit or miss, let’s say you have a great website, and your products are of top-notch quality. But what will happen if your potential buyers never come across your products?

Instagram lets you run paid ads in which you can modify the type of account you want Instagram to show your ad to. This not saves you money but also helps you know that the people who are going to click on the ad are your real target audience. You also get to choose how the target audience will see your ad.

Finding The Right Face

Instagram has a bunch of variety of influencers who can advertise your product. People form a better connection with the brand when associated with a known face. Find an influencer In your niche that you think might have an audience that might buy your product. E.g., let’s say you own a gaming keyboard company and want to target an audience who might be interested in buying keyboards. Hiring a content creator in the gaming niche would be helpful rather than hiring a content creator who generally creates content related to grooming and self-care.

User-friendly Design

The incredible conversion rate is one of the reasons for the drastic increase in the business shift on Instagram. For example, we usually see an influencer or a model wear a shirt that we find cool but are too damn busy or lazy to search it up on our search engines. Now with just one tap, you can view all the information related to that product and buy it within minutes.

Reducing the effort between buying the product lets the customer buy the product while the buying impulse is still there. Once the buying impulse disappears, you’ll need to market your product to the customer again. Again, a user-friendly design saves you the effort of remarketing.

Instagram Shopping: Conclusion

Instagram Shopping is a hit or miss? With frequent updates and tools, Instagram is becoming the new eCommerce giant. So it is only logical to ride this wave and have your business set up on Instagram. Various ways to advertise your content, be it through organic reach or paid ads, be it by hiring a content creator or content strategist. There’s potential for every product of every industry to increase its sales through Instagram.