This method works for all themes. If you purchased a premium theme or otherwise found a theme that isn’t listed at, this is the easiest method for you to install WordPress theme on your site.

To get started, you should have a theme ZIP file from wherever you found the WordPress theme. If you’re struggling to find this ZIP file, I recommend that you contact the provider of your theme, as each provider will have a different process.

How To Install WordPress Theme By Uploading A ZIP File

Once you’ve located the ZIP file, here’s how to install it.

Head to your WordPress dashboard and hover the Appearance. Then, click on ‘themes’ after that click on Add New:

How To Install WordPress Theme By Uploading A ZIP File – Appearance > Themes > Add new <


On the next screen, click the Upload Theme button at the top:

Upload WordPress theme from a .zip on your WordPress dashboard panel


After you click the button, a new interface window will appear:

  • First, click Choose File and select the ZIP file from your computer.
  • Then, click Install Now
Select your WordPress Theme .zip file from your desktop to upload on WordPress


There will be a slight delay while WordPress uploads and installs your theme, the time depends of your servier, theme size and hosting company, normally it takes 30 seconds . Then, you’ll be able to click the Activate button to make your new theme active:

After upload your new WordPress theme click on the ‘active’ button to start using your new template


Note: Sometime you will download a .zip master folder with some files on it, in this case just open this and extract/remove the from it, do not try to upload the on your WordPress, just upload the

install WordPress theme from zip – extract theme files from to get the theme files and upload on WordPress


Here at Visualmodo all the users can sent the WordPress login details for our support crew via private tickets and our theme install the themes very fast but in the case you want to do it by yourself or are using another theme just follow this guide tips and all done.

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