Ways To Integrate Content Marketing Into Social Media

See in this article strategy on how to integrate media content marketing with social media to grow your audience and audience

By Claudio Pires
Updated on January 18, 2023
Ways To Integrate Content Marketing Into Social Media

Traditional media and advertisements are becoming obsolete day by day. People around the world are opting for streaming providers like Netflix, Hulu, and HotStar. See in this article strategy on how to combine and integrate media content marketing with social media to increase your audience and attract new leads to your business.

One big reason is that people don’t want to see ads between their shows. In fact, they never wanted to see ads, but since now they have a product that lets them watch without interruptions, they don’t think twice before choosing it.

The same is the case with billboards. Smartphones have made people less aware of their surroundings. Not saying that billboards are completely useless, but they are becoming less and less effective. So what should a marketer do in this age of transformation and technological evolution? The answer is CONTENT MARKETING.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is all about creating content that is useful to your audience. The content must be intelligent and resourceful that hold relevance to the readers.

In order to create such content, the marketer must do extensive research and find out what the audience needs. Only by doing this will he be able to create content that pulls people towards the product to integrate content marketing.

One main element of content marketing is that you won’t need to push your product to your target market. The content will be such that it attracts people toward you and your brand by building trust. By being open and honest, the website inspires trust and likeability for the readers consuming its content.

Inbound marketing is one of the most popular content marketing strategies. The inbound methodology suggests that there are 5 stages that a potential customer and lead go through.

  • Stranger
  • Visitor
  • Lead
  • Customer
  • Promoter

The journey is divided into stages so different content strategies can be applied. When a potential lead is a “Stranger” to your product and brand, you need to create content that attracts them to you.

Display: Integrate Content Marketing

The content can be in the form of blogs that are helpful and resourceful to those “Strangers” so that they develop trust in your brand.

When they have visited your brand and converted to “Visitors,” you need to have content on your website that converts them to “Leads,” like CTAs and Landing Pages. The content will a little action-oriented and will also focus on getting information from your visitors.

Once they are your “Leads,” your next task is to convert them to “Customers.” This will include sending them Emails and following up with more content that is more product-oriented.

The last stage is converting them into “Promoters.” This will only be possible if you provide exceptional personalized service. To do this, you would need to conduct surveys so that you can segment your customers and send them targeted content.

Integrate Content Marketing + Social Media

Sharing your content on social media is an excellent social media marketing strategy way to get more reach and engagement. However, before you dive into it, you need to conduct extensive research to find out which platforms are used by your potential clients.

Selecting the most popular platform and sharing your content here might not be the most suitable strategy for social media marketing because although they are popular in general, they might not be too popular with your audience.

You might share your content on Facebook without knowing that your audience interacts on Twitter or LinkedIn. Therefore, research is the first and most important step in knowing how to combine media marketing and integrate your content with social media.

Repurposing Your Content

Different social media channels require different types of content. You can’t share blogs and articles on Instagram because the platform is all about images and videos. So you must repurpose your content according to the platform and channel you are targeting.

Video Content

Converting your text-based articles into Videos can be your best weapon for social media. Videos are one of the most viewed and shared contents on social media. You can use it on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and even Instagram.

If your content consists of tutorials, you can create a Screencast video of it and post it on different channels. This type of content would be more helpful for your users as they would see it being done practically rather than reading it off your blog.

You can also create video content for other articles by showing the main points in the video and linking it to the main article. This will entice people to read the entire article and send people from social media to your website.

Text and Images Make a Good Combination

Just like creating videos, you can create interesting images that are related to your content. The images will include an excerpt of your content that will be a hook to your original content. Something like this

Another way images can be used to integrate content marketing into social media is by using eye-catching banner images. This will make your social post more clickable.

Couple these images with interesting ad copies that will result in more clicks. Often there is no connection between the ad copy and the image, which is a big turn-off for your visitors. A good copy is one that summarizes your entire content in a few lines.

Infographics and Slides To Integrate Content Marketing

Infographics are loved by content marketers because they present the simplest of information in a very interesting fashion. They are shared all over social media and are great for almost all types of content.

You can socially share infographics on Pinterest. The platform is for infographics, and you can share your content through great infographics. Creating PowerPoint slides of your content is another great way of repurposing your content. If you have slides of your content, you can share them on SlideShare.


There’s no doubt that content marketing integration is the way forward, and it’s turning the heads of many 21st-century marketers. Knowing how to combine media marketing with social media amplifies your effectiveness. We hope this article has helped you; leave your doubt or suggestion in the comment box below.

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