Interlink WordPress Blog Articles Efficiently

When you want to improve the SEO of your WordPress site, you should understand how to interlink articles or blog posts for maximum effect

Interlink WordPress Blog Articles Efficiently

Interlinking post is an important part of SEO. When you want to improve the SEO of your WordPress site, you should understand how to interlink articles or blog posts for maximum effect in search engines. It’s important to know which posts have to be interlinked and what type of anchor text you should use while interlinking.

Internal Linking is one of the most critical factors of On-Page SEO. In the previous sentence, I’ve put a link to my other post. It’s the right example of an internal link.

When if you have a few numbers of blog posts, it’s easy to interlink them. But if you have a huge amount of blog posts, you need to be a bit tricky to make things easier for yourself.

Here I’ll show you some best ways to interlink your blog posts in WordPress.

Before moving further, I’d like to share some benefits of Internal Linking In SEO. Crawling and Indexation: When you interlink your blog posts, it helps Google bots to crawl and find your posts easily. And this way, bots can index your pages quickly. 

Pageviews & Bounce Rate: Internal Linking helps your readers to discover the other related pages.

It increases the pageviews of your blog and decreases the bounce rate. Link Juice: Interlink helps pages to get better link juice as well as a higher rank. For example, if Page A links to Page B, it allows Page B to get Link Juice.

Now let’s see how to interlink your blog posts effectively in WordPress.

If you have a good idea of your previous blog posts, then this will be very helpful for you.

You can search and insert the link of your blog post directly from WordPress Editor. Just select the words on which you want to add a link and click on the “Insert/edit link” icon.

Then search for your blog post by entering keywords or post title and add the link. This way is beneficial when you know what to interlink. But if you have a good number of blog posts, it’s not easy to recall the blog posts and interlink them.

Here’s what you can do.

WordPress Interlinking Plugin

There are several dedicated WordPress Interlinking Plugins like SEO Smart Links, Mentionable, Insights, etc. Unfortunately, all of them are outdated. It won’t be a good idea to use them anymore. Currently, there are only two plugins that can help you Interlink WordPress blog articles and posts efficiently.

The first one is Yoast SEO. It has a premium version that offers “Internal Linking Suggestions” feature. Yoast collects the most prominent words in the blog post and lists blog posts based on those words for interlinking.

Once you’ve activated the Yoast SEO Premium, you will notice a “Yoast internal linking” box on the right-hand side of your editor.

You can copy the post link from there and insert it into the new blog post. Another fantastic feature of Yoast SEO is you can check the number of incoming and outgoing internal links on blog posts.

Just go to WordPress Dashboard > SEO (Yoast Tab) > General Tab and click on “Count links in your texts”. It takes some time to count your links. Once it’s done, now go to “All Posts” from WordPress Dashboard. You will see two new columns that show the number of internal links in or to the posts.

This way, you can easily find blog posts with low incoming or outgoing internal links. And you can add more internal links in or to those posts.

I prefer using this plugin as most WordPress site owners are already using the accessible version of this plugin. However, if you are looking for another solution, I recommend using Interlinks Manager.

It’s a complete internal link manager WordPress plugin. If you haven’t done any interlinking for your old posts, this plugin will be very helpful. It has fantastic features like analyzing the interlinks, tracking the clicks, calculating the link juice, automatic interlinking, interlinks suggestions, and many more.

Interlinks Suggestions are the most helpful feature of this plugin. It helps you to find related posts while editing a post. It will save a lot of time. So these are the two best WordPress Interlinking Plugins.

Usually, we interlink old blog posts with new posts. But what about the new post that just got published?

We need to interlink the new post with the old posts. In that case, you have to find the related old posts to the new position. You can easily find it by doing a simple Google search for your site.

For example, I will search for the keyword “internal linking” in my blog. All I have to do is, search for the term “ internal linking.”

It shows the blog posts that have the keywords “internal linking.” I’ll go through all the blog posts and check if the new blog post is relevant for interlinking. And I’ll interlink the new post accordingly.

The technique is mainly helpful for the newly published blog post. But you can use it for old posts too.


So these are the ways that you can use to internal link your blog posts more efficiently in WordPress. I want to give you some Internal Linking SEO tips to help you get better at internal linking.

  • Don’t use too many internal links.
  • Do not use the internal link just for the sake of SEO. Only interlink when you think it will be beneficial for your readers.
  • Don’t over-optimize your anchor text for internal links. You don’t need to use the exact match anchor text all the time.
  • Don’t interlink the same page again and again.

Keep these points in your mind while doing internal linking.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Do you use any other ways or plugins to interlink your blog posts? Do let us know via comment. And if you found this post helpful, help me by sharing this post.