A staggering 9 out of 10 consumers will stop patronizing a brand that loses their credibility or authority, according to Eptica Digital Trust. With so much at stake, you will need to ensure that your brand has a good relationship with its clients. To do that, it’s crucial to ensure your brand’s authority both outside and within. So how can you establish your brand’s authority from within the brand? In this article, we’ll explore internal marketing strategies to establish your authority within the brand.

Internal Marketing Effective Strategies To Establish Your Authority Within The Brand

Internal Marketing Strategies: Use Other Authorities In Your Content

Around 90% of consumers expect brands to deliver quality content as a way to build their authority, according to the Havas’ Meaningful Brands report. The same principle applies to build your authority within the brand. A good way to establish that authority is by using trustworthy sources in internal and external content.

These sources are either from established news outlets, recognized organizations, and even academic papers. Using these sources in internal marketing memos add credibility and boost your authority.

Place A Spotlight On Any Accreditation Or Awards

Another good way to build your authority is to direct attention toward any accreditation or awards that your brand has received. Brands that have awards experience 37% more sales and 44% more stock value, according to Hendricks & Singhal. Staff will feel proud to work for a good brand.

Clients will be glad to know that you are qualified to suit their needs. Putting a spotlight on any accreditation or awards you’ve received will effectively help establish your authority.

Internal Marketing Strategies: Empower Your Employees

When your employees are happy and respect your authority, consumers recognize this. So a great way to establish your authority is by empowering your employees. You can do this by acknowledging contributions and awarding them appropriately. It’s also good to be consistent with the message that you show the public and what you show your employees.

For example, if you promote a family-friendly culture, your employees should benefit from this, too. You build your credibility with your employees that way, and they effectively turn into brand ambassadors, which helps to establish your authority further.

To get your brand’s authority to a level where it is synonymous with the niche itself. It must start from within. If the very core of your brand does not uphold the values or message it says it has. So, you will have a hard time getting consumers to trust you. As such, it is important to take time to review your current internal marketing and apply the necessary measures to grow and establish your brand’s authority from within.

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