“Build it and they will come” – a voice of confidence, encouragement, or whatever else it may be, today it is the biggest lie of the business world. You create a product that is useful (that people have lived without until today) and you wait for your market to come pounding on your door. But, they don’t.  Let’s face it, it’s easier to create a fantastic product than to go out and market it. But, what if isn’t that difficult after all? What if you could somehow know what your target audience already wants and what influences their purchasing decisions with shoppers psychology?

It wasn’t the product’s fault, it was your marketing. Unless you’ve built a light bulb which flies in step with you as you walk, turns itself off/on/dim as needed, or something similar, no one will be coming.

How To Sway Buyers And Invoke Loyalty With Shoppers Psychology

How To Sway Buyers And Invoke Loyalty With Shoppers Psychology
How To Sway Buyers And Invoke Loyalty With Shoppers Psychology


Many studies have followed the buying patterns of shoppers, and what they’ve found is amazing. People do not buy randomly, there is a mindset, a pattern, and a psyche associated with buying. A whopping 93% of buyers, for example, think thatcolourss and visual appearance are of utmost importance. Read on to learn how to use this shoppers’ psychology to send sales through the roof.

Focus On The Visuals

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text and holds onto the memory of it 80% of the time. That’s 4 times more retention than text. Also, 90% of buyers infer that videos are a huge factor for them.

Colours Aren’t Just Colors

While impulse shoppers are influenced by colours red, orange, black, royal blue, traditional buyers are more likely to respond to orange, pink, and sky blue. Teals and navy blue, however, may build trust, especially for larger purchases. Groupon, on the other hand, uses the colour green on their website to put their shoppers at ease, and create a pleasing environment that they will be willing to return to at a later time.

Turn On The Music

Using music has proven to cause consumers to spend more time in a store, perceive a shorter wait time and sometimes (like with classical music), buy more expensive stuff. That said, the larger majority of buyers favour pop music over others.

Don’t Neglect The Signs

Whether it’s a guarantee label or a “SALE” sign, a large number of shoppers (approaching 80%) are more likely to buy because of signs.

It’s not just these, even things as small as the smell can play a role too. Also, it is worth it to keep a website/blog and solicit ratings and reviews, because they inspire trust and drive brand loyalty.



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