Adding Widgets on WordPress Top Header

In this tutorial on the Visualmodo knowledge, we will be adding widgets on WordPress top header section or a navigation menu and change its layout structure. To start you need to navigate to your WordPress dashboard > Visualmodo > Themes Options > Header > Top Header > and set it to appear on desktop, mobiles or both. Select the layout you want for the structure of the columns. (In the top attached image we use 2 columns with ‘Visualmodo contact info’ and the ‘Visualmodo social icons’ widgets on it. NOTE: In the case, you don’t want this top header section over your default navigation menu just select the ‘X’ options. To finish click on ‘Save Changes’ button.

How to add widgets to it?

Go to your WordPress dashboard penal > Appearance > widgets > and select a widget. (by dragging) and drop this widget on the ‘top header’ position widgets tab. Like it’s on the image above. You also can add a navigation menu in this area using the ‘visualmodo menu’ widget to call a menu page in this area as is shown in the image below.

Adding Widgets on WordPress Top Header

Adding Widgets on WordPress Top Header – Visualmodo

How To Add Widgets On WordPress Top-Header?

In addition, we have made a video tutorial for our YouTube channel. It shows the usage and placement of the widget so you can see the process completely. Please watch it so you can reproduce on your site.

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