Removing Page Heading Area Or Footer sections (Enable or Disable)

In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base we show you how to easily Disable or Enable Heading or Footer sections of your WordPress site using our Visualmodo Themes on the Options panel in a simple and easy way.

What Is a Heading Section?

Title track is a theme global color full width line with your page title and page title on your site located next to your navigation header menu, you are free to use it or remove it from any of your site pages.

What Is a Footer Section?

Disable / Enable Heading or Footer

The image aboce is the Footer section, you can remove this section from your page if you want also.

How to Rewove It? (Enable or Disable Heading and Footer)

To remove a page heading or the footer section from your page you need to; Open the WordPress page editor. Scroll your page down until you see a area called ‘Options’. Found an area called ‘Layout manager on ‘Layout’ area. Select ‘only footer’ Only Header or both and save your page. This will remove the page header title area.

In addition, you can remove only the footer div of your pages on the same area or even remove both in the case you want. By default the header and footer are active.

Enable or Disable Heading and Footer Wrap Up

Finally, after this easy to follow guide you’re ready to play with your site layouts and create more styles. Moreover, you have the tools to take control of your site.


How to disable / enable header or footer section of your WordPress site using our Visualmodo Themes

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