WordPress General Settings

The General settings configure your basic site preferences such as the Site Title and Tag Line, the WordPress Address and Site Address, the administrators email address and the date and time format, among other things.

The WordPress Address (URL) is the location of your main WordPress core files. The Site Address (URL) is the address you want to use for your site homepage. Usually, these two URL’s are the same but they can be different if, for example, you have your WordPress files stored in a subdirectory.

When you install WordPress, you get the option to select the language that you’d like to use within the Dashboard. After installation, if you’d like to change the language, you can select this using the Site Language dropdown at the bottom of the page.

E-mail Address: Enter the e-mail address to which you want WordPress to send messages regarding the administration and maintenance of your WordPress site. For example, if you allow new users to register as a member of your site (see Membership below), then a notification will be sent through e-mail to this address. In addition, if the option, An administrator must always approve the comment, is set in Administration > Settings > Discussion.

This e-mail address will receive a notification that the comment it’s held for moderation. Please note this is different than the address you supplied for the admin user account; the admin account e-mail address is sent an e-mail only when someone submits a comment to a post by admin. Finally, the address you enter here will never appear on the site. In conclusion, you can send messages to multiple admins by using an email address which forwards email to multiple recipients.

WordPress General Settings by Visualmodo

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