Landing Page Design Mistakes to Avoid

Landing Page is a page separate from the site, created for the purpose of lead generation.. See top landing page design mistakes to avoid.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Landing Page Design Mistakes to Avoid

Landing Page is a page separate from the site, created for the purpose of lead generation.  Typically, users come to a landing page from organic search or from sponsored links.  Landing pages are important for business because they only focus on lead generation – as opposed to info sites. In this article, you’ll see the top landing page design mistakes to avoid.

Landing Page Design Mistakes to Avoid

 So, a weak landing page hits the conversion rate.  There are many landing page design mistakes that reduce the performance of your business.  Today we will analyze common mistakes.  And in order to find more info, you can contact the creation specialists directly.

 1. Boring or irrelevant title

 It often happens that online advertising attracts your attention, you click on it – and go to a site with boring content, irrelevant to the advertising message.  It is important that the content of the landing page is related to the offers of the advertising campaign.  Visitors have certain expectations about what they will see on the site after clicking.  And if that expectation is not met, you will immediately create a negative first impression.  And potential customers are likely to leave.

 The purpose of a header headline is to provide insight into the landing page and the business, so boring or irrelevant headlines are destructive.  Conversely, compelling and meaningful titles keep users moving further down the funnel.

 2. Too much text or ads: Landing page design mistakes

 In the case of content, more is not always better.  Too long texts also repel visitors.  If the page is so boring and unwieldy, then why wait?

 This approach repels customers, not attracts them.  The information you share on the landing page should convey the essence of the proposal.  Make sure that the amount of text is sufficient, but not excessive – it should not evoke negativity.

 3. Ridiculous design and strange images

 When a visitor visits a landing page, he should see something there that might interest him.  This will convince him to stay on the page.  In addition to text, do not forget about images – after all, visual content is perceived faster and affects the subconscious.

 4. Weak calls to action or plain CTA button

 A landing page without a CTA is meaningless, so it’s big landing page design mistakes. It’s easy to direct visitors to a landing page from organic SERPs or ads, but converting them without a call-to-action won’t work.  Moreover, if there is a call to action, but weak, the result will be the same.

 You need to deal with the size of the CTA button, its color, and the white space around it.  The element must be conspicuous so that customers can take a conversion action right after landing.

 Remember that multiple calls will scatter attention and reduce conversions.

 5. Slow download speed: Landing page design mistakes

 The speed of loading pages also affects the effectiveness of the landing page.  Waiting too long is frustrating and annoying – ideally, this time should be no more than 3 seconds, otherwise, the bounce rate will increase.

 Remember that hard and heavy effects affect speed and avoid these landing page design mistakes.

 6. Difficult language and incomprehensible terms

 You have to “hook” the audience.  Therefore, you can and should use expressive words and jargon on your landing page to impress.  But here it is important not to overdo it.  On landing pages, you often have to explain the features of products and services, and this should be done in a friendly manner, expressed in understandable language.

 7. Poor typography: Landing page design mistakes

 Many companies try to decorate the Landing Page with fanciful, fancy fonts that are uncomfortable to read.  They think that this is how they will attract the audience, but in reality, they only scatter their attention.  At the other extreme, shrink the font to fit more content above the fold.

 Your landing page should convince and grab the audience’s attention, and not annoy visitors with annoying mistakes.  Everything is good little by little.  While designing and introducing new elements, do not change the sense of style.  And of course, test all the innovations to make sure they have the impact you want.  And landing page development services by Halo Lab will gladly do everything for you!

Claudio Pires

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