Latest Trends of Growth Hacking

The ultimate aim of goal hacking is to bring in more customers while spending relatively less than competitors. Latest growth hacking trends


The ultimate aim of goal hacking is to bring in more customers while spending relatively less than your competitors. In this article, you’ll explore the latest trends of growth hacking.

According to GrowthRocks, one of the leading growth hacking agencies, growth hacking is data-driven marketing that uses rapid experimentation and low-budget tactics to determine the most effective ways to grow a business.

With no further ado, here are the top growth hacking trends for 2021.


Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

For every startup business that wants to be found, this goes without saying. Having a social media advantage over other rival businesses can be the difference. Using them to promote the services you are offering can land customers. 

Creating engaging content can be time-consuming. But consider that as an investment. A social media group where you can keep your audience updated and indulging in conversations is the right way to make sure they are happy.

According to Statista, the number of social network users around the world will continue to increase every year. Take advantage of this. Billions are using social media and the chances of acquiring new customers from this number are fairly high.

Previously started by Uber, this method almost immediately became an immense hit. Even its competition started copying this method. 

Come 2021 and this is still a strong strategy to behold. Converting a prospect to a customer is more successful when a relative or friend refers a service to them.

Word of mouth is truly a powerful tool in marketing. That’s why you should be able to give good deals to your referrers to keep them satisfied and inspired to find more people to refer to you. 

Following the Competition

If you feel like you are constantly under the shadow of your competitors, then it obviously means that they are doing something better than you. 

So take a peek into their world and see how they manage to do this. We should also have a plan, not just a blind copy. Their methods should be analyzed and a few extras can be added to fill the content gap. 

Now you got something that your competitors are not offering. This increases the chances of getting traffic. 

Remember, the strategy that your competitors used will most likely not work for you. You have to research what they do and model your strategies based on their tactics. Don’t copy what they do. Instead, exceed what they do.

This is another method used by growth hackers to get recognition from Google and ranking higher in SERPs. To achieve this, they produce guest posts with links and pitching them to pages with high DA. 

So, this lights a beacon to Google crawlers and automatically brings up their website to the top. 

Build Brand Partnerships and Collaborations

This is another important reason for any business that wants to make it out as a successful enterprise. 

Working with a strong brand will bring a lot of attention to your business. Growth hacking is all about getting noticed as this will in turn bring more customers. So signing brand partnerships and collaborations with influencers will do a lot of good.

HARO, helping a reporter out may seem like a lost cause for most people. Some may even consider this a time waste. But if a person knows what he is doing can make a good out of any situation and that includes HARO. 

We can easily create awareness around our brand by getting together with a reporter and answering their questions. This serves as a stage for our brand to get exposure and attention. This is what growth hacking is all about right? 

Doing Giveaways 

Growth hacking is all about spreading brand awareness. To do that you should keep your audience engaged. Involving in giveaways is another way to throw light on your brand name. Who doesn’t like getting things for free? 

By organizing a contest and rewarding the winners with your products is the way you get loyal customers. More people will start talking about your brand because of the hype it creates. 

Recycling Your Best Content

Taking old content and giving life to it by adding updated content. This is effective and works like a charm all the while saving tons of time. 

A person with growth hacking in mind will do an interview and transcribe it to text for newsletters. It can also be used as magazines, newsletters, and e-mails.

For any startup to make it past that “make or break” period of 24 months is vital. In addition, they need new tips to keep their ship afloat. This is possible if we host or attend community events on a regular basis. 

We are living in a completely digital age. People crave personal engagement. So getting together will throw a spotlight on our business and will also expose us to other successful personalities. For startups, these connections mean a lot.

Maintaining a Stable Website for Your Business

This is obviously the place anyone would get to know about your services. So having a website is of paramount importance. There are few things that go with a website that can be called “ideal”. 

An SSL proxy is one of the things which ensures that your website is safe from hackers. Moreover, having this on your page will give peace of mind to customers exchanging payment information within your website. 

What better way to do good business than getting in touch with people who will buy your products or use your services. 

This is a fast-paced world and nowadays people are expecting instant responses from companies. So by proper communication, our business will get more customers. This also keeps them coming back.

Automation is Vital

As your brand is growing, we can’t keep in touch with every customer personally. So, this is why implementing automation in our business is important. It will send email alerts to your audience, keep them excited about your new product launches, etc. 

Automation will also keep track of your progress so that you can keep an eye on your growth and where you are lacking.

Top-notch Customer Service

Getting customers to flock and converting prospects into potential customers is not the end. Retaining them is the most important aspect of growth hacking. What better way to say “Stay, our services are the best” than keeping them happy by solving their problems. 

Fostering a good customer relationship is built on the foundation of trust. This is why the service part is considered to be a high priority. So, give them a brand experience they won’t forget and you got yourself a person that will stay.

Get on Board the “Chatbot Train”

Nowadays people visit any website to get simple answers, not elaborate information stuffed upon them. Chatbots shine in this area. In addition, they are programmed application which engages in conversation with prospects. 

More often than not they are programmed to aid the people by answering their queries. The other part of chatbot is where they keep customers updated on the things going on around your brand and new product launches.


This may sound like something straight out of a sci-fi movie but it is actually happening. This makes use of the medical advancements in the brain area. So, they study them and get a reading of how the prospect’s mind will respond to a particular advertisement. 

Based on this, companies can tailor their pitch to the audience which ultimately translates into more conversion. But it is still in its infancy with companies like Neurolink, SPARK neuro testing this out extensively so that it is ready for public use as a growth hacking trends.

One great way of using neuromarketing to your advantage is by using the right color palette for your brand. Some of the most successful brands, if you could notice, use a lot of reds. For example, brands like Coca-Cola, Target, and McDonalds. Finally, they all use red as it is a memorable color. 

Visual Search and AR is the Future

We can take examples from Pinterest and Google Lens about how they can scan an object in real life and provide information to customers on where to buy them. Companies like IKEA are developing their own visual search feature to facilitate more conversions.

With COVID and the dangers surrounding it, people are very hesitant to leave the comfort of their homes to buy things. With AR this problem is eliminated. Customers can visit your website, pick a product and try them on from their sofa. 

So embracing these new technologies and embracing them will help our brand grow in the multitudes.

Nicolas is the copy/content guy at GrowthRocks, a growth hacking agency based in the UK. He writes copy and creates content for small startups and multinationals alike.