Content marketing has developed up to a point where we can safely discuss a proverbial revolution for it. With 2018 well underway, there are still numerous challenges ahead of us.

Marketing experts will have to flex their creative muscles more than ever in order to stay relevant to their followers. With that in mind, let’s dive right into the major obstacles that marketing teams still need to overcome in 2018.

Major Content Marketing Obstacles

7 Major Content Marketing Obstacles to Overcome in 2018
7 Major Content Marketing Obstacles to Overcome in 2018


1 – Content ideation

It’s harder by the day to create original content. With so many websites, articles and topics already discussed, what is left for content marketers to talk about?

One of the biggest concerns of marketing professionals is the growing need for something new and unique. Trending topics and popular happenings can only be discussed so far. Websites and blogs that want to stand out from the crowd will have to pay extra attention to their topics, titles and overall choice of content.

2 – Lightning-fast turnaround times

Attention spans of average internet users are dropping by the day. People take several seconds to decide whether an article is worth their time before they move on.

To that end, content marketing experts need to focus on creating “the hook” as well as they can. Not only is the attention span shorter but the need for new content continues to grow. The ensuing catch-22 will require marketers to churn out new content as quickly as possible while still keeping it interesting.

3 – Incentives for conversion

People rarely follow only one website or social media page. With so many news outlets and sources of information readily available, it can be difficult to subscribe to yet another one. Marketing content creators should focus on their calls to action and added incentives for conversion.

Short messages with direct benefits for subscription, purchase or other interaction should become center stage. Writing services such as TrustMyPaper can help content creators write effective calls to action and marketing materials for incentivized conversion. Make sure that people know how different and unique you are on the market if you want to bring them to your side before the end of 2018.

4 – Growing competition

It’s easier than ever before to start a blog, a startup or a content marketing website altogether. Unfortunately, not every website survives its infancy. Moreover, the reputation of all marketing websites suffers if several of them show signs of unprofessional or irresponsible behavior. For that reason, it’s often quite difficult to make a name for yourself in a growing and increasingly competitive market.

This is why content marketing experts need to pay closer attention to their branding, brand advocacy and website marketing. Content creation and its marketing won’t be enough to secure a spot on the market without brand advertisement. In order for a business or a blog to succeed in 2018, both need to go hand in hand and promote the brand as an integral part of the content.

5 – Tracking & analytics

With so many variables to keep track of, it can be difficult to pinpoint the ones that matter. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains the pivotal method of optimizing and ranking content on the web even in 2018.

However, more important statistics are showing up all the time and offer even more information for content marketers to use. Things such as traffic, conversion rates, load times, link building, audience feedback and organic growth all play an important role. Successful content marketing experts differentiate themselves from others by knowing which stats matter at any given moment in order to develop new content.

6 – Multiplatform presence

Web browsers and search engines are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to content marketing availability. More and more companies and news outlets opt for specialized applications, email content delivery and other methods of publishing. These methods offer a more personal, curated approach to content creation that would otherwise be impossible.

In 2018, content marketers need to pay close attention to the multiplatform availability of their content. Things such as QR codes and AR optimization aren’t in the distant future anymore. Content marketers can also make ample use of machine learning algorithms and chatbots to enhance the content marketing experience of their audiences. The more platforms and options you offer to readers, the more readers you will have as a result.

7 – Audience inclusiveness

Lastly, content delivery and marketing are not one-sided streets anymore. Readers like to be included in the work of their bloggers, news outlets and companies. Content such as testimonials, reviews and interviews can be used to bridge the gap between product and end-user.

Content marketing experts who choose to include their audience and give them a voice will have far a better and far-reaching reputation. Those that focus on sole delivery of information without talking to their readers won’t find as much success in 2018 due to ignorance. Customer feedback is extremely important even if your sole product is blog articles. Make sure to open your eyes and ears to what people have to say and include their opinion in your content marketing for better reception.

An uphill battle (Conclusion)

Fighting for audience’s attention and SEO visibility is a never-ending process. Even when things go your way, you should never rest on your laurels and do nothing to further improve your content. 2018 is only a single year with many more to come for your blog or website. Make sure that you are still around years down the line by paying close attention to trends and going with the flow.

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