Make WordPress Work For You

In this article, we will help you to get started with WordPress, use it to its full capacity and make WordPress work for you and your purpose.

How to Make WordPress Work For You

There’s no doubt that WordPress is one of the most important, if not the best, content management systems out there. If you want to quickly create a slick-looking, professional, and functional website for personal or business use, WordPress is the CMS for you. Although, WordPress is quite barebones out of the box, and many people experimenting with it think it is inferior because they don’t know how to use the CMS for their particular use case. In this article, we will help you to get started with WordPress, use it to its full capacity and make WordPress work for you and your purpose

Don’t Use the Built-In Themes

How to Make WordPress Work For You

The built-in themes are almost completely useless – you absolutely need a custom theme if you want your WordPress website to succeed, and there are multiple reasons for this:

  • Generic: the themes are completely generic and don’t make you stand out or make WordPress work for you. No matter how professional is your content and how appealing are your offers, if you don’t have a design that attracts your customers and makes you stand out, you’ll be dead in the water wondering why nobody visits your website. Due to the proliferation of WordPress and the laziness of some business owners, the generic themes are quite recognizable and overused, and it’ll immediately signal to your users that your website is nothing special. You don’t want potential customers to have a bad first impression.
  • Lacking SEO and social media support: search engines and social media are the two primary ways people will find your website. That’s why you need a theme that integrates well with social media and helps you rank higher on search engines. Sadly, the default themes are just not it. They have some basic integration functions, but they are quite rudimentary and won’t be enough if you really want to leverage social media platforms. They also have almost zero SEO support.

These two reasons are enough to absolutely stay away from built-in themes. Now, you might be wondering what can you do if you don’t use the built-in themes. Well, there are a few routes you can take:

Marketplaces To Make WordPress Work For You

thankfully, there is a large WordPress community that constantly creates new themes, and these aren’t amateurish generic themes. You’ll be able to find professional modern-looking themes related to your business. Moreover, you can easily edit to fit your needs. You can scour these marketplaces for a highly rated theme with decent functionality from a trusted theme-developer. Use one of those in your website’s creation.

Custom-made WordPress Themes To Work For You

buying a theme from the marketplace raises similar issues as built-in themes regarding genericness. If the theme is quite popular, you bet there might be hundreds of thousands of websites using it. This diminishes the ability of your website to stand out and you won’t be able to successfully build your brand.  That’s why most high-end businesses pay a development agency to build a theme for them. This route has quite a few advantages:

  • Firstly, you can turn your personal PhotoShop or Sketch theme into a fully functional WordPress theme. If you’re into designing and have created an excellent conception of your website in a designing app. Moreover, a development agency that offers PSD to WordPress conversion can help you turn it into a functional, responsive, and expertly-coded WordPress theme. Being able to dictate the website’s design down to the last pixel is quite valuable to some people. So, if you’re one of them, you’ll definitely love this service.
  • Secondly, all the functionalities you want to make WordPress work for you. You’ll be able to dictate all the functionalities you want to be included in the final theme. If there is any template that you love to use. So, if there’s any optimization that you need to be done. As a result, anything you can tell the agency to help you to get it right. This added control over the technical aspects of the theme will pay dividends down the line.