How to Market Your WordPress Site Better for Higher Conversion

Learn some easy & effective methods and practices on how to market your WordPress site and get better & higher conversion rates

How to Market Your WordPress Site Better for Higher Conversion

WordPress is the most popular and highly used website builder right now. If you are a business owner, run an e-commerce store, or write blogs and articles, you want people to visit your website and convert these visitors into sales. Now, how would you do that on your WordPress site to market it for a higher conversion rates?

Higher Conversion in WordPress

First, we need to understand that not all website visitors are potential clients or customers; some are just browsing around or just landing on your website accidentally. That’s fine. Who knows, they may remember your website and return to it if needed.

Don’t get out if your website has a lot of traffic but low conversion or sales. You need to reach the right market or the right people that have an interest in your niche.  You need to know who your potential customers are, where they live, and their lifestyles. Targeting is very important.

The checklist below will help you market your WordPress site better for higher conversion.

Attractive website for higher conversion

A great way to attract people is to make your website attractive and attention-worthy. Did you know you have little time to get people’s attention and keep them engaged when they land on your website?

The first 3 seconds are crucial. Make sure to use fonts and pictures that are attention catchers, something that can be easily up, and make the most critical information stand up. As a result, you will bring your WordPress site to a higher conversion rates.

Choose a theme for your page that best fits your business. Use correct font sizes for the headings, subtopics, and text body. Use photos with proper lighting, background, and resolution. If you are selling products, ensure the images can under a zoom in and give a good explanation.

Take multiple photos of different angles of the item to give the customers a good view of your product and aid them in their decision-making.

SEO plugins

SEO doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right tools, SEO can be a good strategy for conversion optimization. There are multiple SEO plugins that you can use with WordPress. You can only install one SEO plugin, so choose wisely.

The plugin should be able to include prompts for keyword and content optimization. It should give you an idea that your post is under a great optimization. For instance, choose a plugin that will enhance your law firm marketing if you are a lawyer. Plugins should be able to help you improve the SEO of your website. So, it will bring your WordPress site to a higher conversion rates.

Videos to higher conversion

Higher Conversion Methods - Videos Usage
Higher Conversion Methods – Videos Usage

Some people are too lazy to read every detail on your website, especially the how-tos and the product description. Create explainer videos to show and tell the viewers what your website, your business, and your products are all about.

The videos should be professionally created to give your audience a feeling of legitimacy and security. Don’t use just any homemade video that is not well edited with no proper text aids and is not professionally narrated. When you use explainer videos to show your viewers the value of your website and your products or services, there’s a high chance that your viewer will click on the subscribe, register, or buy button.

Website responsiveness to higher conversion

Because many people use their mobile devices when they search for things online, your website should work for both computers and mobile. The design and the content should be well presented on all platforms. This is one great feature integrated with WordPress and a way how to market your site.

You can view the computer and mobile layouts while working on your design. It is important that your website’s layout is well presented, even on mobile devices, to have a better reach to people who are using their smartphones or tablets.

Email marketing

For every website, it is essential to get the email address of your visitors so that you can incorporate automatic email marketing and offer your best products or services to your window-shopping clients. This is a follow-through action if the customer did not make a purchase or for them to come back to your site for another purchase.

If you notice, some websites ask you to enter your name and email address before proceeding to their content. Get a popup plugin to get your visitors’ email addresses. Many free plugins also provide perfect layouts and design. This is very important in marketing and for you to know your website’s traffic and conversion. As a result, a great method on hoe to market your site

Call-to-action buttons to bring your WordPress site to a higher conversion rate

No matter how many people visit your website every day, if there’s no clickable button to purchase your product or to register to your website, then the whole thing is useless. These are probably the most important buttons on your website. There should be an “Add to Cart,” “Buy Now,” or “Register” button strategically placed on your web pages; else, there will be no conversion.

Reviews, ratings, and recommendations

Please create a page where customers can leave their reviews and ratings. Ratings are usually the first thing that people check before purchasing any product or service. The most common deciding factor for customers is good reviews.

There may always be some bad tomato in the basket, but it’s totally understandable that we cannot please everybody; there could be other reasons for the bad rating. What’s important is that you get more good than bad reviews. There’s no better recommendation than that coming from your customers who have already purchased and used your product.

Security and credibility to bring your WordPress site to higher conversion rate

If you have a website where payment needs to be made and payment details are entered, you must have an SSL certificate. When installed on the web server, it shows a padlock icon, activates the HTTPS protocol, and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser using encryption. This will make your buyer feel safe in giving their credit card information. So, a great way to get better & higher conversion rates.

In e-commerce, you must give people what they want or need. They should experience an “AHA!” moment when they see your website. Apply the tips above to keep the conversion coming and get a higher conversion.