Marketing on LinkedIn: Proven Ways to Increase Connections

In this guide, you'll learn how to do a content marketing plan on LinkedIn with proven ways & solutions to increase connections

By Claudio Pires
Updated on November 29, 2023
Marketing on LinkedIn: Proven Ways to Increase Connections

LinkedIn is a platform that has been focused on the interaction of specialists from various industries for more than 20 years. It is here that entrepreneurs, representatives of companies and ideal candidates find each other and begin fruitful cooperation. Who among us wouldn’t like to get new useful contacts, find excellent specialists or even a dream job? LinkedIn is about it.  In this guide, you’ll learn how to do a content marketing plan on LinkedIn with proven ways & solutions to increase connections.

However, the rapidly changing online space introduces new rules of the game. Here, as elsewhere, to stand out and get an influential voice, you’ll need a powerful marketing strategy. Yes, it used to be enough to have a great selfie and a high-quality resume, but today you have to dive into marketing to get the most out of the resource. 

In this article, you’ll gain knowledge about what connections are, why they are needed and how you can increase them. We’ll also give information about the option to buy LinkedIn connections in case you need to improve your statistics from scratch. Read on!

What are connections for marketing LinkedIn?

Connections are members who establish close contact with you. They trust you, consider you a valuable specialist, or want to get more information about you. Most often, a lot of connections are received by users who know a large number of people in real life : they’ve cooperated, created joint projects or worked in a large company.

Keep in mind that page updates will be visible not only to the user who has made contact with you, but you too.

What is the difference between connecting and followers? 

Unlike connecting, following is a more simplified version of interaction. Following someone, you’ll see updates, but not everything. Plus, following implies an exchange in one direction without establishing a strong connection.

That’s why connections, from a marketing point of view, bring users a more tangible result than followers. A candidate (or company owner) who has hundreds of connections looks more professional in the eyes of other users. Connections are one of the main signs of great experience, expertise and influence.

Strategies to increase connections 

1. Post content often marketing on LinkedIn

LI is considered to be a more narrowly focused and professional platform, this is the pure truth. But here, as on other resources, content is important. Interestingly, most entrepreneurs believe that this is where expert content has a lot of weight. 

Forget about the usual selfies, landscapes and storytelling about your personal life – here readers expect professionalism from you. 

By posting useful and valuable messages, you can not only improve the visibility of your page, but also get more new interactions, including connections. But for it to work effectively, stay active. If you think that 1 publication per week is already a lot, you’re mistaken. 

The ideal option is to publish something new once every couple of days. This way you’ll fill your feed and get new connections (pretty quickly if your content is valuable). Plus, your page will stand out from the rest. 

2. What to post? 

It can be anything – your thoughts about the profession, successful and unsuccessful cases, reflections on the future of the industry or advice to beginners. Such messages will help users get to know you as a specialist and create additional opportunities for communication and interaction. 

Bonus tip: Use hashtags for correct ranking. It’ll be much easier for the potential audience to find your publications among others. In this guide, you’ll learn how to do a content marketing plan on LinkedIn with proven ways & solutions to increase connections.

3. Use a paid service for marketing on LinkedIn

Organic ways of promotion are great, but what if you don’t have the time and resources? In this case, delegation is one of the best options. Advertising companies offer a wide variety of improvements for professional and personal accounts. 

Specialists take on the tasks of improving your profile and provide the interactions you need. The best thing is that you can use additional support at any time. Third-party incentives will help you grow a page from scratch – this not only saves time, but also your efforts.

Connections from companies are essentially no different from natural ones. The only difference is that they come “out of nowhere”. That is, you don’t know these people, but they are real users of the platform. That’s how it works – safe, simple and efficient.

There is a rule you should know: investing wisely. We mean that you shouldn’t buy a lot of interactions at once. It is better to divide your orders into several small parts, and then your growth on the resource will look natural. 

In addition, read the guarantees, reviews and check out the price list on the company’s site. It won’t take much time, but you’ll protect yourself from scammers. In this guide, you’ll learn how to do a content marketing plan on LinkedIn with proven ways & solutions to increase connections.

4. Join groups

Finally, open up new opportunities for interaction through groups. Join those of them that you consider relevant and interesting for your professional growth. Participate in discussions, share your observations and experiences. This way you’ll establish yourself as a valuable specialist and improve your presence. Good luck!

Claudio Pires

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