Media Industry – Professions of the Future? Is It Worth It for Students to Start Work In?

In this article, we'll discuss the media industry and the professions pf the future and review if is it worth it for students to start work

Media Industry - Professions of the Future? Is It Worth It for Students to Start Work In?

Someone thinks that the media sphere is slowing down. Someone – that she still has everything ahead. Many workers in the media industry have already retrained in related fields. Meanwhile, the media continues to develop: in the future, professions will only become more complex and interesting. In this article, we’ll discuss the media industry and the professions of the future and review if is it worth it for students to start work in.

Media Industry - Professions of the Future? Is It Worth It for Students to Start Work In?

In What State the Media Industry Now?

The media sphere is undergoing significant changes. In addition to journalism and television, the Internet is developing with its many possible formats. New popular sites appear every few months. And narrow areas, which were previously dealt with by general specialists, are singled out into separate vacancies. 

Such popular professions as PR manager, guest editor, and anti-crisis communications specialist have appeared. Those IT professions that were previously considered simple. So, a copywriter, an SMM specialist, or a freelancer at a paper writing service – have grown into a full-fledged PR profession. Which determines the direction of promoting a product or even an entire company.

It is not surprising that yesterday’s students with a diploma in the field of communications. Simply do not know which profession to choose: the choice is really wide. In addition, emerging professions from today’s media industry can be the start of a dizzying career in the future. If the right choices are made.

Professions in Communications

Different perspectives await you depending on the area you choose. Traditionally, people go to the media sphere either by vocation or for good earnings. Everywhere you can find your niche, but in some cases, the path will be more thorny and longer.

The Television

Although TV is still quite popular, it is going through difficult times. Looking for new formats so as not to lose the old audience and win a new one. However, the field of television is still quite large, so it constantly needs new communication specialists – producers, editors, and others.

But, unfortunately, there are fewer prospects here. At least until a global reform of all television is carried out and it becomes the country’s main communication channel again. Nowadays TV is still serving as advertisement and entertainment. If you are ready to work in these areas, then you have more than enough job opportunities.

Journalism Media Industry Professions

The most successful journalist is the one who managed to establish himself and make a name for himself. This means that for successful work in the future. You will have to try very hard at the beginning of the path. You have several options for pursuing a career in journalism.

Go to new channels of communication and win your place in them. You can record and listen to podcasts, maintain a YouTube channel. Today, to be a journalist, one does not need to be attached to central channels and large media outlets. All that is needed is a freelance-based platform like GradeMiners.

Move into related areas: producing, long educational projects, working with content. Although it is not so interesting, it is much more promising and paid for.

PR Media Industry Professions

And this is already a real prospect in the media for a good career and work to your liking. Now there are many directions in PR: from working with social networks to communicating with clients. From internal communications to project management. The choice of a future profession depends only on your preferences and flexible skills. Of course, there are some complications here:

  • you need to be able to find a common language with any people if you work with clients or in internal communications;
  • you cannot be a good product manager without knowing what he is. How he works, and what he is for;
  • the assessment of your work will be quite subjective: even if you do everything correctly. There will certainly be colleagues or bosses who are with your work.

But at the moment it is the most promising media industry. Of course, with its own reservations: of course, no one will immediately take you to a large IT company. Start with small organizations to gain experience, or become the first PR person at a well-known firm.

What Awaits Newcomers to the Media Field

If we talk about the very near future, there is still a lot of space for newcomers to the media. Judge for yourself:

More than 9 professions of the future have to show, which were not even thought about earlier as separate areas. Internal communications specialists, crisis managers, brand relations specialists, bloggers, event organizers, social media PR specialists, product managers, client relations PR managers, and many others.

Thanks to the successfully developing field of communications, we are ahead of us with the emergence of new specialties and the increase in the importance of the existing ones. Every large company should already have specialists in the field of media and PR so that it can successfully conduct its activities.

Remote work allowed any yesterday’s student from the outskirts of the country to get a job in New York or Los Angeles. And the closer to the capital, the more prospects for the development of a specialist or salary growth.

An Eternal Truth Media Industry Professions

There are very few really good media specialists, and if such a person appears, the employer does everything to keep him in his company. So, no matter how tough the media field is, you can always do your hardest and excel in the field, and get respectful pay alongside recognition.

Of course, as a student, to make this process faster, you might want to analyze which courses and assignments will actually help you on your professional path and which ones you can delegate and get more free time.


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