Modern Content Marketing Tools To Increase Traffic: Top 5 WordPress Tips And Tricks

What are modern content marketing tools to increase traffic? So, what is content marketing, and how does it work? Content marketing

Updated on August 26, 2022
Modern Content Marketing Tools To Increase Traffic: Top 5 WordPress Tips And Tricks

What are modern content marketing tools to increase traffic? So, what is content marketing, and how does it work? Content marketing is a complex of marketing techniques that includes creating, publishing, and distributing articles, podcasts, social media posts, and videos. Does it work? I’m sure you know the answer. There is a proven fact that businesses with blogs are capturing more than 60% of leads compared to other companies.

Of course, everything always depends on the quality of your content. Almost always win-win in improving the performance of each tool is the AIDA marketing model. Аbbreviation decoding is the following:

A-awareness. The first purpose of your content is to create brand awareness. Therefore, your content needs to inform and tell about your products, service, or brand.

I-interest. The second purpose is to grab the attention and interest of the audience. Therefore, you should always look for extraordinary solutions and ideas that will add some “body” to your content.

D-desire. Interest is not enough. You have to create an emotional connection to your products or services through high-quality content. If they feel that connection, they will move from liking your product to the desire to purchase it.

A-action. After the customer has moved from the liking to purchase, the next step is to move him or her to any action: making a call, subscribing to the channel, and finally buying something.

The next point is to understand what instruments need to be used to achieve all your marketing goals. So, of course, you have to think about what kind of website, channel, or blog you have. But here are some general recommendations that apply to everyone. Each of them is a must if your purpose is not just to upload texts for the sake of activity. You can capture leads, grow your email list, and get maximum benefits from your website or blog. So, if you want to create engaging and attractive content, let’s start our journey!

Increase traffic: Keywords

I hope you are using keywords in your texts. Otherwise, nobody can see them. Keywords are considered to be a free method of increasing traffic to any website. What are they? These are just words that will help one to find your content and make your platform the best WordPress blog to follow.

But the question is: what kind of keywords to use? I think the only answer to this question is to consider the nature of your audience and what they are looking for. So the keywords could be the name of your product and the distinguishing features of each of them.

Nowadays, you can find thousands of tools that will help you to do accurate keyword research. One of the most famous tools is the WordPress Quiz Plugin Ubersuggest SEO and Keyword discovery. That is an extra useful and free Chrome extension that makes it possible to find keywords just by typing the topic on Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

You can find not only the most accurate keywords with their CPC (Count per click) but also see their monthly search volume. Do not forget to use keywords for titles, your articles, product documentation, and video descriptions.


After making your website or blog visible to the users, you need to make your platform engaging. One of the beneficial and easy ways to do that is through questionnaires. Polls can be the easiest way to get closer to your customers. So what is a poll exactly? That is a short question or statement that requires an accurate answer. As a result, you can attract visitors, collect general ideas about a certain topic, build an email list, and capture leads.

One of the most helpful tools to create polls is WordPress with its amazing plugins. For instance, you can use the Poll Maker plugin as an extra beginner-friendly plugin. Create fully-customizable online polls and increase your website traffic. Create different types of polls, export and import them, create leaderboards, send emails to users, and more.

This WordPress poll plugin enables creating versus rating, choosing, dropdown, range, text, and voting polls. In addition, you can allow user restrictions to protect your polls with passwords. Polls built with WordPress Poll Maker can be perfectly suited to any website and blog: it has seven themes and dozens of style options that will create a unique poll. So, if you have never used polls, it’s time for you to start and accomplish several goals at once!

Increase traffic: Visuals

I am more than sure that no one likes to read texts without a single picture on a page: they look empty. However, these days you can hardly find an article without pictures or a social media post without a visual. They are not only for beauty but also to help the visitor understand what the content is about.

Lots of people can decide between leaving a website just by taking a look at inaccurate visuals. As for those who run a WordPress website, it is advisable to use WP Photo Gallery plugins to display images uniquely and distinguishable way.

Modern Content Marketing Tools To Increase Traffic: Top 5 WordPress Tips And Tricks

As for individual photos, attached to the posts and articles, you can find hundreds of tools to simplify everything. The recommendation for today is Canva. Canva is an online platform for creating interesting designs: you can create visuals for social media, videos, and presentations that will spice your platform’s design up. Make your content more likely to be shared, and always remember the importance of imagery!


Virtual quizzes are a modern win-win instrument to increase your WP website traffic. It is thought to be the easiest way of improving your content marketing. Quizzes are not only funny and exciting to take but also can be an alternative way of teaching or learning. They can also be a great way to collect data from website visitors, build an email list and make any educational website more professional. But if you want to use quizzes and get maximum benefits from them, you have to find the proper and good tool for that.

Quizzes How Increase Traffic

One amazing WP quiz plugin that will help you create unlimited quizzes of any kind is – the Quiz Maker plugin. This questionnaire plugin for WordPress will help you integrate quizzes into any kind of content. This tool makes it possible to turn any educational website into a professional assessment platform: send emails with the quiz takers’ results, generate and send certificates, and enable the timer and copy protection for your content.

The plugin also has its entertaining side: you can create psychology tests, personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, and more. In addition, you can use dozens of question types, integrate with other apps and platforms, and customize quizzes in your desired way.

Increase traffic: Content management

Having your content under control is very important. Organized work is one of the main keys to success. Controlling, updating, and making changes to your content from time to time (for instance, adding keywords, changing imagery, etc.) can grow visitors’ average time on the page. That’s why you can use a CMS – Content Management System to make this process easier.

How Increase Traffic Increase traffic: Content management

Save time and manage your content with Trello. Trello is a world-famous work-management system that could also be used as a CMS. You can use cards to write assignments with descriptions, attach pictures, and flies. Unlike other project or content management tools, this system is straightforward to use, even for beginners. So, it’s worth trying.

So, I hope this article was useful, and you can take your content marketing to the next level.

Good luck!