How to Get More Social Media Engagement from Kick-Ass Content (B2B)

Social media engagement is a problem that many companies are struggling with on a daily basis. This happens for a number of reasons

How to Get More Social Media Engagement from Kick-Ass Content (B2B)

Social media engagement is a problem that many companies are struggling with on a daily basis. This happens for a number of reasons. But the most usual one is the fact that most B2B companies are using the wrong social media strategies. So, when it comes to promoting their content and engaging with other companies.

In fact, a mere 32% of B2B companies have proven their Facebook campaigns. To be effective and that can truly show the gap that exists in this sector. Based on how important social media communication is for these companies. There is no space for them to let any engagement opportunities go to waste. Here are some effective tips to help your company improve its social media strategy and generate engagement.

Social Media Engagement

How to Get More Social Media Engagement from Kick-Ass Content (B2B)

Make your brand approachable

One of the things that many B2B companies do wrong is their approach to others through their social media platforms. Just because you are trying to reach out to another company. So, it doesn’t mean that you have to seem robotic and be strictly professional.

Just like with any other interaction, you will be communicating with people who represent the company you are trying to reach out to. Who want to see that they are talking to someone who is easy to talk to and approachable. This is the reason why they will choose to engage with your company and give you a chance for media engagement.

There is a rumor that most B2B companies are distant and less approachable. This is something that can set your company apart from others. In order to make this easier to implement, here are some things you can start doing now:

  • Always address your social media posts in the first person. Nothing says more about a brand’s authenticity than engaging your audience directly.
  • Have an experienced person in your company run your social media channels. Moreover, reply to any comments and messages you might receive.
  • Provide quick customer service and use real people’s names when replying.
  • Follow back any companies in which you are interested and retweet or share their posts occasionally using media engagement.

Outsource your content optimization to get more social media engagement

A step that many B2B companies don’t consider necessary to take when it comes to their social media content creation. Is actually optimizing the content afterward. Creating content is one thing but there are quite a few things which need to be taken into consideration. Like SEO optimization, choosing the right keywords and formatting the content.

The best way to tackle this issue is by asking for help from professionals and third-party services. That are professionals in the field and will help you by focusing on content optimization. Here are some of the most helpful and trustworthy tools available on the internet for your B2B content optimization needs.


One of the tools that will help you find and understand. What your social media strategy is lacking in is Postific. This free tool will offer you a way to manage your social networks simultaneously. Check the engagement of your posts and even schedule your posts for a time that is most optimal for media engagement.


Whether you’re looking for a tool that will help you analyze your social media campaigns. So, see your results or you are in need of some help with optimizing your team management tools. Hootsuite will surely help you with your goals and get the best results. Pro tip: If you can’t outsource your content to a third party. You can make the content team you already have better performance.


One of the steps is to get an editing tool like ProWritingAid. It will allow your content creators to produce a stream of consistently good writing with a single editorial style. This is your personal writing coach that can help you rewrite your content and make sure it is ready for publishing. This way, you won’t have to worry about using up more of your time in order to make your content more engaging online.

Promote networking opportunities to get more social media engagement

A great tactic for you to get more social media engagement from your content is to actually create content that will be based around collaboration. What this means essentially is to use your content as a way of offering networking opportunities and B2B connections through your channels.

The point of your content will be to connect with other brands and companies and to create content in unison. Not only will this help companies to work together instead of competing against one another, but you will also be easily able to identify your competitors and collaborators and establish the ways in which you will engage with other companies in the future.

In order to make this strategy an effective one, you will need to make sure that your content is free of any mistakes and engaging. The best way to achieve that result is by using tools which will help you proofread and edit your social media content to your liking and establish your potential networking opportunities and collaborations.

Promoting engagement doesn’t have to be that hard

In our day and time, every company uses social media to promote its content and to come in contact with its customers. For B2B companies, this might seem like a much more difficult task as their goals can be different from those of other B2C companies, but the objectives are usually the same.

As Joanne Murray, Recruiting Specialist at HR software, states, “The number one thing you need to remember is that you are always working with and reaching out to people who represent a certain company. The more approachable you are, the more these people will want to continue your interaction.”