Website speed can be tricky. Everybody knows it’s important, but it is still one of the most misunderstood website aspects. So how do you know if your website needs to be faster?

Well, this is tricky too. Research has shown that owners are bad at intuitively determining the speed of their websites. Load times seem shorter to them. On the other hand, visitors experience the opposite effect—load times appear longer.

Your best bet then is to find a tool for checking website performance. A simple Google search is enough as there are numerous free tools which do this. So what is your target speed? Expert opinion coming directly from the Hosting Tribunal recommends that your pages should load in 3 seconds.

This might seem ridiculously fast, but research supports it. Of course, online, faster is always better. So, making your website as fast as possible is a good policy. However, there is a reason for recommending the 3 second load time. Websites slower than this suffer significant drawbacks. Losing visitors is one downside—54% leave a page that loads for longer than 3 seconds. Even the visitors that stay will visit fewer total pages.

Speed up Your Website

Speed is also important for online store owners. Longer load times also mean lower conversion rates and lower customer loyalty, especially if the load time exceeds the three-second mark. Slowness affects SEO too. Slow web pages get penalized by Google search ranking algorithm and score lower in searches. Visitors leaving a page quickly due to slow speeds also lowers that page’s rank. Both mean much less traffic.

It is plain that website speed is a crucial factor for online success. Knowing this, you can now improve your website’s load times. Or, if you want to learn more, you can find out about the benefits of improving website performance in the infographic below.

Speed up Your Website Infographic

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