Next-Level Online Slots Design Demonstrates The True Value Of Ui

Next-Level online slots design demonstrates The True Value Of Ui; UI has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years. It pops up

Next-Level Online Slots Design Demonstrates The True Value Of Ui

Next-Level online slots design demonstrates The True Value Of Ui; UI has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years. It pops up in conversations about popular apps and new tech. However, it can be hard for that outside of the tech bubble to distinguish UI – user interface from UX – user experience since they are usually discussed together.

Next-Level Online Slots Design Demonstrates The True Value Of Ui

Next-Level Online Slots Design Demonstrates The True Value Of Ui

Essentially, UI is about the aesthetics and usability of a digital product. UX involves the actual functionality and working of the product and comes first. Some might not see UI as completely necessary, but it plays a large part in making customers happy with your product.

Online casinos have rapidly become one of the biggest sectors in the gambling market. Aside from convenience and affordability, much of its appeal is the high-quality UI work that creates slot games that are genuinely engaging and enjoyable, not just repetitive.

A quick flick through this catalog of online slots in the US will show you that while some of them look a bit tired; and rough around the edges, the majority have great graphics and play-through. Slot machine games are a great way for developers to experiment as well as have a bit of fun with their designs.

Next-level slot design does not necessarily mean the same thing to everyone, but we have a few key elements. Aesthetically, the graphics and animations are appealing and engaging, and the color schemes fit the theme. In terms of use – the gameplay offers more than just simple repetition.

Thanks to their UI design, our top examples of games have reached the next level of quality players desire.

UI design: The Rich Wilde series

The Rich Wilde series of slot machine games shows what’s possible when a developer is willing to dedicate the time to creating a likable character and making each game in a series unique. Since 2013, trusted brand Play’n GO has been releasing Rich Wilde games, and the demand continues.

Rich Wilde is an adventurer character à la Indiana Jones. Each game is themed around a different quest or artifact that he has chased down. One of the most recent games, Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness; shows the developer’s dedication to making each game unique.

Inspired by the works of horror pioneer H.P. Lovecraft, this five-reel slot upends expectations, and instead of classic paylines, you need to create clusters of symbols.

Once you’ve filled the portal meter and accessed the bonuses, Rich Wilde begins to cast spells from the tome. It’s a twist that makes great use of the theme.

Dragon Boat 2: Lock 2 Spin

UI design Dragon Boat 2: Lock 2 Spin is one of the newest slots on the market, just launched this month. It is a five-reel slot with 25 paylines and gorgeous graphics. The background is a sparkling water scene with dragon boats racing toward the player, and a traditional gate frames the game with lanterns.

These touches are carried through to the symbols. They include a nobleman in traditional clothing, a drummer, an urn, and greenery. The fonts and colors are vibrant. Wild and scatter symbols keep things interesting.

The Lock 2 Spin feature is where this game stands apart from its predecessor. It is a free spin feature triggered by landing at least six of the rice dumpling symbols. These will become sticky symbols, and each new rice dumpling that appears will also stick and grant more free spins.

UI design: Stone Gaze

Stone Gaze is another brand-new slot, this time from developer OneTouch. The game is inspired by the Greek legend of Medusa, a snake-haired woman who can turn people into stones with one look. The game takes place in Medusa’s lair, with crumbling pillars surrounding a glowing green mist.

Most of the game’s symbols are fairly basic, but the quality of the graphics sets them apart. Even the simple gemstones have an ethereal aura that makes them mysterious and makes you want to keep playing. Other symbols include a helmet, a golden snake, and Medusa herself.

The golden scepter is the wild symbol, while the golden Medusa is the scatter symbol. The scatter feature can win you up to 20 free spins at a time. Scatters can also transform into sticky scatters – certainly better than stone!

Harvest Wilds

Harvest Wild is a cleverly designed game that resembles a popular tile-matching game instead of a classic slot machine game, thanks to its seven-reel, seven-row format. This familiarity with UI design is very appealing to players who may be fans of mobile gaming but are new to online casinos.

The graphics are cartoonish and cute, and the background is a sunny fall farm scene. It is visually appealing and attractive before you even get into the gameplay. This game has a cascading win feature so that whenever a cluster match is made, the remaining symbols fall into place.

There is also a bonus seed planting feature. You can plant seeds to become wild icons across the reels. In addition, water provides free re-spins, and fertilizer boosts the multiplier. These extra little touches keep the game from just being another reel spinner and make it something more interesting.

The world of online slot machine games is an excellent place for young developers to hone their UI skills since there is so much scope for creativity with far less risk than a traditional video game.