Online Image Optimizer to Speed Up Your Site

You may have a large number of photos on your website, so you need free online image optimizer tools to help speed up your pages load

By Claudio Pires
Updated on March 17, 2023
Online Image Optimizer to Speed Up Your Site

Want to compress your images online with quality? Sometimes you may have many photos to be used on your website, so you need free online image optimizer tools to help your site speed up. In this guide, we will share the best free image optimization tools for image compression.

Software like Adobe Photoshop can be expensive and out of budget for many website owners. However, various online tools are free to use and deliver amazing results.

Why should you optimize images? Uploading full-size images may add considerable load time to your web page, and it annoys your users.

Online Image Optimizer Tools

Image Optimizer

As its name suggests, ImageOptimizer is an online image optimizer service that resizes, compresses, and optimizes image files. It’s free, and it has a desktop version. It offers different compression levels – best quality, high quality, normal, small file size, very small file size, and minimum filesize.

I’ve tested an image at a normal quality level. And the result was not so impressive. It shrunk the image from 491KB to 184 KB. The output was just fine. It allows only one image to compress at a time.

Fixthephoto Online Photoshop Editor

Adobe Photoshop is quite expensive software for image compression. So if you don’t need all of its designing and photo editing features, this Fixthephoto Online Photoshop Editor will become your online image optimizer and basic photo editor.

It is the best tool to resize, compress and optimize your pictures for free. Now decreasing the physical size in pixels, file size in weight, and resolution in DPI is easy and quite fast. If you don’t want to spend more than 15 seconds loading your images to the website, use the Fixthephoto Online Photoshop Editor.


Compressnow is another free online image compressor and optimizer tool. It helps you to reduce the weight of images. The best thing about this tool is it allows you to choose % of compression to get a result. Moreover, it supports GIF, JPG, JPEG, and PNG files. The downside of this tool is it doesn’t preserve image transparency.

Now let’s see how it works. The below image was made with 20% compression, and the output was quite OK. The image shrunk from 491 KB to 46KB, which is impressive. However, it gives the flexibility to set the compression percentage. You can upload 10 images at 3MB max each at a time. For a single file, the maximum upload size is 9 MB.

If you want to optimize your image online and compress formats other than PNG or JPEG, then is for you. It works with JPEG, PNG, GIF & SVG. This powerful online tool reduces the size of images and photos while maintaining high quality. It has two types of compression. So, Lossy and Lossless. I’ve tried a PNG file on this tool, and the result was fine.

It saved almost 78%, and the image quality was great. I tried both lossy and lossless compression, but I didn’t find any noticeable difference. Moreover, you can compress one file at a time, and the max file size is 10 MB.


TinyPNG is my favorite. I’ve been using this tool for a while to optimizer online image. This tool reduces the size of your PNG files by using smart lossy compression techniques. It also offers JPG compression, but it works great for PNG only. The amazing thing about the tool is it preserves image transparency.

Recently they launched TinyJPG for JPEG compression. The service is fully free. It also offers plugins for Photoshop and WordPress. Now let’s see how much it can compress the image.

This compression almost saved 80% without losing quality. In addition, remember that compression varies from image to image. It doesn’t have any option to control the compression percentage. But it provides high-quality images with optimum compression. You can compress up to 20 images at a time. So, the Maximum file size is 5 MB each.

Final Words Online Image Optimizer

Image size is increasingly affecting page speed as users expect higher-quality website images. Most images can be resized using graphics editing tools or plugins without web users noticing any loss in quality.

In conclusion, we hope this guide has helped you find the best free image compression and optimizer tools online to help speed up your site.

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