Online security has never been more important than it is today. Nearly every person, business, and governmental institution is online. They have their data digitized and on the cloud, they put their personal information and photos up for the world to see. There is more data today than ever before in human history, and its size will only grow.

This can be incredibly useful. Big Data is lucrative and incredibly important when it comes to understanding patterns on a large scale. It’s not, however, safe. Without the right security measures in place – and in some cases, even with those security measures – hackers can gain access to sensitive data that can then be sold and exploited.

Why Online Security is Essential?

Why Has Online Security Never Been More Essential
Why Has Online Security Never Been More Essential


Our Lives Are Laid Out Online

From our banking to our voting registration, to our shopping habits and our home addresses, everything is online. If you have location sharing on in apps such as My Friends, then even your precise location is available and if that data is hacked in to, you are in danger.

Either your financials are at risk, or your personal safety, there is no shortage of damage that can be caused. You need to do all that you can when it comes to securing your personal data and online use so that you can minimize the threat of cybercriminals.

The Dangers of Public Social Media

It’s all too easy to put our personal information on social media, but do be careful. Know exactly who can see your profile and be critical of what you share and when. Divulging you are on vacation might seem innocent, for example, but it could let would-be burglars know that your home is unprotected and ripe for the pickings. Lock down your social media accounts, delete old information, and try to know where you are online. Old accounts are a huge risk, because the websites they are on might have been abandoned, meaning new hacking methods can exploit their security shields.

Attacks Are Becoming More Brazen

Attacks are becoming more brazen and effective in recent years. In the United States hackers gained access to utility controls and even broke into several high profile universities through a phishing scam. Then there are the reports of sabotage in the voting process and more recently the hack into users’ Facebook accounts using old login keys.

People are waking up to the dangers they are in, and more importantly what their stolen information means. From accessing bank records to stealing phone numbers to target users in a long-distance phone call scam, the consequences for lack of data security are widespread and well known.

For businesses, you risk your reputation, or even your entire company if a hacker gains access to your data through ransomware, which will delete all data unless you pay their demands. To protect yourself from these threats, you need to double up on security. From VPN to anti-virus software, to Network Security Appliances (NSA) from It is better to be safe than sorry, because if you aren’t careful, your company could cease to exist in a matter of days.

Hacking and cybercrime is a serious threat to businesses, individuals, and governments alike. If everyone improves their security methods and protocols, we can all do our part in minimizing damage caused by hackers.

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