Open Source Benefits And Why We Love It

This article will show you the benefits of open source & why there are many reasons to love & collaborate on the development of this software

Updated on May 12, 2023
Open Source Benefits And Why We Love It

Open source software is software that’s developed within a community. Everybody can use, alter and distribute the code. People are encouraged to participate in and improve the software project. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of open source and why there are many reasons and advantages to love and consider consuming and collaborating in the development of this software.

WordPress is, as you probably know, an open-source CMS, just like Joomla, Drupal, and TYPO3 are open-source CMSs. We love open source because it’s good for the world. We also like how it provides access to shared code and tools, as well as support teams around the world.

Open Source Usage Benefits & Advantages

Open source is cheap because it’s free software. But this is not the only advantage. Other benefits include control, security, training, community, and stability. For us, open source is the only way to go. But why is that? Here are a few of them:

Think Together

We believe with open source, and we will get innovations and real solutions to our problems. Two heads are better than one: combined knowledge of two or more people will always exceed that of one person alone. If people -especially people from different backgrounds- cooperate on a project, the project will benefit.

You can participate in open discussions in these communities, create new features, and collaborate on projects. This is the ideal environment for developers to thrive. You can create high-quality web applications more quickly than if you had to make them yourself.

Working together on a solution, simultaneously or not, will lead to better solutions. In short, we should stand on each other’s shoulders and take advantage of each other’s merits and talents. That’ll lead to true innovation.

Save Your Time

Many developers worldwide are working on solving the same or similar problems. That’s a waste of talent and skills. Why should every school have a different website? Why would every hospital need a different website? I understand that the design of those websites needs to be unique, but the backend and the functionality of these websites should be pretty much identical. It’s such a waste that many developers work on similar projects without working together.

We shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel over and over again. If we’d do things the open-source way, we would share our knowledge about the invention of the wheel. Make other people benefit from our wheel. And let other people improve upon that wheel.

Participation & Collaboration Benefits

Open-source projects invite everybody to participate. Everybody. If you want to contribute to WordPress, you can do that. What company you work for doesn’t matter. It does not matter where you live. It does not matter how much money you have or what you look like. Everybody has expertise, and your talents will be recognized in the open-source community.

Open-source programs are generally more secure than proprietary solutions. This information is available for peer review, testing, and revision. Because everyone can see the project’s code, developers often find bugs faster. They can also solve problems faster than behind closed doors.

We love that aspect of open source. It’s very inclusive. It offers chances to everybody, whether they have (some) programming skills, love translating, have superb organizational skills, or have a great sense of community, to get others involved. Everyone can contribute!

Conclusion About Open Source Benefits

As I’ve shown, both open-source and WordPress are very important to us. We do our part to contribute and strongly believe that open source is the best way to achieve awesome new solutions. We believe open source is far less wasteful than closed-source projects, and we love that open source is an equalizer.

All in all, open source fits perfectly with our mission, and we hope that people will see the merits, so we can keep working on new solutions and innovations together! We hope that this blog, with the benefits of open source and why there are many reasons and advantages to love and consider consuming and collaborating in the development of this software, has helped you!