How To Optimize Blog Post SEO?

Content writing should be a key element of every search engine optimization strategy. Learn today how to optimize blog post SEO?

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 29, 2022
How To Optimize Blog Post SEO?

How to optimize blog post SEO? Content writing should be a vital element of every SEO strategy. How do you ensure your blog posts have the highest chance to rank well on Google? What are the successive steps you’ll need to take? In this post, I’ll take you back to the very basics of SEO.

How To Optimize Blog Post SEO?

Find that keyword

The very first step of every content SEO strategy should be keyword research. You should figure out for what search terms you want to be found. Figuring out the right keyword can be pretty daunting, though. You have to get into the heads of your audience.

A word is not a topic, though. Besides a keyword (or keyphrase), you’ll need an angle, a specific story around that keyword. Read our tips on coming up with ideas for your blog if you want to know more about that.

Yoast is most famous for the Yoast SEO plugin, of course. Our plugin will help you in the optimizing process. The first step is to fill out the keyword you want your post to be found for (the focus keyword). After that, the plugin will give you feedback on how to improve the SEO of your blog post. It will, for instance, check your post for these things:

Use that keyword

If you want to rank high for a specific term, you should use that term quite often in your text. That way, Google will know that your text is about that particular keyword. But don’t overdo it. Google doesn’t like over-optimized text at all. A keyword density of 2 % ( in which one in fifty words is your keyword) is excellent. It’s best to create a rather lengthy text. We recommend a text of at least 300 words. So, that way, you’ll be able to use your keyword quite a number of times.

How To Optimize Blog Post SEO - yOast WordPlress Plugin
How To Optimize Blog Post SEO – Yoast WordPress Plugin

Optimize your headings to optimize blog post SEO

Check if your focus keyword is in your headings. The title of your post is really important. You should use your keyword there. Try to use your keyword in at least one of your subheadings.

Optimize your headings
Optimize your headings

How about that snippet?

The snippet is the thing Google shows in the search results. It’s the title of your post and a short description. Yoast SEO will help you optimize your snippet: it offers you a preview of the snippet and allows you to edit the content easily. Moreover, this is very important, as it’s the first thing your audience will read. So this piece of text will have to convince them to go to your site.

Unfortunately, we’re never sure whether Google will show that specific snippet. However, creating a kick-ass snippet preview should be part of your SEO strategy. Of course, don’t forget to use that focus keyword again!

How To Optimize Blog Post SEO - yOast
How To Optimize Blog Post SEO – Yoast

Don’t forget: write an excellent post!

Optimize Blog Post SEO? for search engines is something you should do. But more importantly, you should make sure you write a fantastic post. The topic of your post should be original, and the message of your text should be appealing to your audience. On top of that, your text should be pleasant and not too difficult to read. Without making concessions to the readability of your post, you should use the tips described to optimize your blog post and make it stand out a little bit more!

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