Optimize Your WooCommerce SEO With These WordPress Tweaks

Check & learn the best practices to optimize your WooCommerce products SEO so you can improve your eCommerce Search Engine Optimization

Optimize Your WooCommerce SEO With These WordPress Tweaks

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system with WooCommerce powering 22% of the top 1 million ecommerce sites in the world. WooCommerce is an SEO-friendly platform, which means it can help your site rank highly in the search engine results. You can improve your WooCommerce eCommerce Search Engine Optimization even more by making those small changes that can put you ahead of competitors, increase site traffic, and boost sales. In this article, we’ll share the best practices to optimize your WooCommerce products SEO.

Optimizing WooCommerce SEO

Optimize WooCommerce product images for SEO

92.6% of consumers say images are the most influential factor when it comes to making a positive buying decision, an Invodo study reveals. Optimizing your images can give you the edge over competitors as it reduces your site load time, as well as attracts potential buyers perusing Google search.

To optimize your images, make sure they’re not so large they’re slowing down your site. An SEO agency it’s also a good recommendation, companies like MjSeo for example can optimize it all for you. Moreover, you can visit some great websites and news portals to learn more about it.

In WooCommerce for WordPress, add the images you want to use to the product gallery section of the product page (the images will then appear in an interactive gallery on your site). Then use a free tool like Optimole to ensure your images are high quality and load fast.

Optimize page titles

73% of buying decisions are made at the point of the headline or a title, which means you shouldn’t be a miss on optimizing your page titles. Your WordPress site should have both product pages and category pages (which ensure individual product pages aren’t competing in the search results). Optimize your category pages by titling them with accurate yet broad terms.

Optimize your WooCommerce product pages search engine optimization by titling them with terms to describe specific items. While category pages should be titled with accurate yet broad terms. In WordPress go to Products » Categories and select the edit link below a category. So, “women’s dresses” could be a category page title, and “floral midi dress” the product page title.

Aim to use keywords in your titles. A free tool like Google Keyword Planner can be used to find keywords, Avidon Marketing Group advises. However, don’t over-stuff your titles with keywords, which will ultimately be bad for your site.

Write original product descriptions for WooCommerce SEO

Not having a written product description drastically lowers the chances of ranking high in search engine results. Similarly, simply re-using the manufacturer’s copy is also bad for SEO.

Since all other sellers will also likely be duplicating it. So, take the time to write an original product description to help keep your SEO in good standing. Be sure to write a descriptive copy that gives the buyer the information they need to make a purchase decision. Also, be careful to not make it too wordy as this can hurt purchase conversion.

These WordPress/WooCommerce SEO tips are fairly simple and not too time-consuming to implement. However, you’ll find they have a big impact on your site traffic and, ultimately, your bottom line.