Organic Growth: 3 Low-cost Ideas To Increase Traffic (By Giving Users What They Want)

Every webmaster dreams of getting more traffic. In this article, you'll see 3 low-cost ideas to increase traffic and organic growth.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Organic Growth: 3 Low-cost Ideas To Increase Traffic (By Giving Users What They Want)

Every webmaster dreams of getting more traffic. More eyeballs mean getting in front of more potential customers or fans, leading to more sales, more fans, more subscribers, and ultimately leading to more success. In this article, you’ll see 3 low-cost ideas to increase traffic and organic growth.

In fact, traffic is so important, that people will literally pay for it. Adverts on Google, Facebook, or other social channels are remarkably competitive, and often don’t come cheap, so if you’re not being propped up by a venture capitalist, then you might need to find other ways to get the traffic you deserve. Here are three low-cost ideas ways to improve your website and help more people to find you:

Low Cost Ideas To Increase Traffic and Organic Growth

Organic Growth: 3 Low-cost Ideas To Increase Traffic (By Giving Users What They Want)

1. Broaden your quality content 

We all know that if you want other people to refer potential customers your way, then you need to create something which is genuinely worth referring people to. That means writing quality content, and presenting it in such a way that people find it interesting and informative – and might even bookmark it, share it with their friends, or, appreciating your expertise, help you make a sale.

Many websites make the mistake of only writing content which is super-specific about what they’re selling or offering, but it’s worth thinking about what the customer is thinking more broadly and giving them what they want by answering their questions. A great example of this is yacht and catamaran charter experts, who don’t just have quality content about the destinations and boats which they offer for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean, but also take the next step and offer blogs and articles on Mooring fees in the Mediterranean (since the next question that people on sailing holidays think of is ‘how much will it cost to park my boat in a marina’, and other articles which are broadly related to sailing, but not directly linked to their trade.

More top-quality content equals more potential for getting organic traffic. Some of the traffic might not be directly interested in what you’re offering right now, but they might be, or they might refer you to others who might be.

2. Offer free (useful) stuff low cost ideas to increase traffic and organic growth

What can you offer to potential customers to help them find you? Similar to offering broader content about things that your customers might be interested in, maybe there are some free goodies that can help tempt people to your site, and get you more clicks and traffic.

Ideally, digital freebies work best, as they can be pretty low-cost (but not necessarily low-value), and can be delivered instantly. If you’re reading this blog about traffic, you’ve probably already visited plenty of websites offering free e-books which offer expert advice on SEO, managing a small business, or whatever. The benefit of a free e-book is that you can also collect contact details of people who are in what you’re offering (which you can then target to offer other things which might interest them). But make sure it is an e-book that is actually useful and/or worth reading for organic growth.

Sticking with our original case study of the sailing holiday company They offer a free tool based on a Google map. Which allows users to plot a route in the sea and get the distance in nautical miles. It’s not something which is particularly by people looking to buy a sailing holiday. But it is another way to get in front of people who are making plans for being on the sea. So, one thing might lead to another. If they ever do want to book a sailing holiday, they will subconsciously already know where to go.

3. Offer instant answers via LiveChat low cost ideas to increase traffic and organic growth

Have you ever told your friends about a website that you emailed. They never bothered to get back to you? Have you ever wanted to ask a simple question, but not known how to get a quick answer? Have you ever been down with trying to work out. In addition, how to phrase something in Google to try and get the information you’re looking for?

The truth is, it happens to all of us. But you can now add Live Chat functionality to your website (for free). Which means it won’t happen to your potential customers. Adding a proper, real-person live chat to boost traffic by 25% and sales. So, by 10% because you’re finally giving the customers exactly what they are asking for. You can be there to scratch their itch, answer their questions, and build rapport. Moreover, leading to more referrals, links, or sales for organic growth.

People find corporate AI chat-bots frustrating, so if they find out that you’re offering a better. So, more personal service, then they will come. Google itself knows the value of live chat and offers a boost in search rankings. Those that operate them, which can also help to boost traffic. uses Tawk. as their LiveChat service provider. Which is free to install and manage, and even links to a free App on your phone. Finally, alerts you when a customer has a question for you.

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