Orphaned Content and SEO: What Is? How To Find and Fix?

What are Orphaned content and SEO? Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest concerns for all website owners. If you have

Orphaned Content and SEO What Is How To Find and Fix

What are Orphaned content and SEO? Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest concerns for all website owners. If you have a WordPress site, here are some steps you can take to ensure the best SEO results for your site and content. 

Orphaned Content and SEO: What Is? How To Find and Fix?

Isolated content is probably a term you’ve heard about SEO best practices. This article describes remote WordPress content, how to find it, and how to fix it.

What is Orphaned content?

Content links are a significant differentiator for your content strategy. So, Google and other search engines determine content relevance by the contextual links that lead to it. And can obtain these links from a domain or an external domain. 

 External links may be another task, but internal links are a simple process that content authors can easily manage. If a post or page on your site does not contain an internal link, it is called orphaned content. Therefore, there may be links to new pages or posts from sitemaps and pages from categories; or tags, but these posts or pages may consider orphaned content without contextual text links.

Isolated content on a website is not easily recognized as relevant content and can have serious consequences. Therefore, they are not indexed and may affect the visibility of your content.

So, to make sure your content is recognized, you should ensure relevant internal linking from other content on your site. And this will ensure better structure and visibility for your content.

Why does orphaned content affect your SEO?

To rank your content, Google needs to know about it. Search engines follow links and store the content found on the page in the index. Isolated content has few meaningful internal links from other pages or posts. 

Therefore, Google considers this type of content less important than other content with many links. Therefore, if an article is important to you, you should clarify it to Google (and your visitors). Then try to link to that particular article from other related content.

How is orphaned content created?

If you create a new blog post, publish it, and forget about it, recent posts and pages may not link to that blog. Is that a bad thing? Well, it depends on the blog post

But if you want people and Google to find this post, that’s a bad thing. If you don’t link to a page or post, most people won’t be able to access that page, resulting in orphaned content.

Where can I find my orphaned content?

Maybe you have some post ideas without links. But you probably don’t have a list of all the isolated content on your site. The Yoast SEO Premium plugin has two features to help you work with remote content.

The Orphaned content workout in Yoast SEO Premium

Orphaned content in Yoast SEO premium workout; without realizing it, you may have some orphaned pages or posts on your site. No shame, of course; we all do. But it’s good to work every now and then. That’s why we’ve added SEO Workout to Yoast SEO Premium; this helps clean up unlinked content and ensure that others can find it.

With this training, you can find and fix orphaned content in four easy steps! It will show you everything without links and give you suggestions on what to do.

But this is not the end! After you choose what to do with orphaned content, you can work on what to keep and update. In the next step, we’ll show you suitable posts or pages from which you can link to orphaned content. Look, that’s it.

The Orphaned content check-in Yoast SEO Premium.

Orphaned content check-in Yoast SEO Premium also includes an orphan content inspector. If you are a user of our premium plugin, you will find the orphaned content filter in the post overview:

If you click on the orphan content filter, you’ll get an overview of all posts without text links. For example, on yoast.com, we have a lot of orphaned articles (Blogging team, are you reading this? We have work to do here 😉 ). But the Orphan filter and our Orphan SEO workout can help us (and you!).

As I browse our own orphaned articles, I am acutely aware that new articles are often orphaned. However, for articles that are important to your SEO strategy or brand, you should include the link in a post that generates a lot of traffic. This helps Google and viewers find those important posts.

How to find WordPress Orphaned content?

And can find orphaned content manually on the WordPress site. To do this, you need to create a list of all the content available on your site. Next, you need to crawl your site to find all the content that isn’t indexed. Now you can compare both unindexed content and content without internal links.

This process could work if your site is new and you have only a handful of content to fix. On the other hand, this can be a busy process for large websites with large amounts of content. However, in such cases, you can use your own plugin called Link Whisper to identify isolated WordPress content and improve link building.

So, the process of finding orphaned content SEO with the Link Whisper free plugin.

  • Step 1 – Install and activate the plugin. You can install and activate plugins from the WordPress plugin repository. If you’re new to WordPress plugins, see our article on installing and configuring WordPress plugins.
  • Step 2 – See the link report for internal links for each post. The report provides information about internal and external links for internal and outbound links. Posts with 0 internal inbound links are considered orphaned content. You can also use screen options to change the information displayed in the report.
  • Step 3 – Customize the link suggestions on the Settings page. So, you have the option to select a language and specify the type of post to link to and the type of term. In addition, you can ignore the numbers and specify the words to ignore. So, you can also delete all the data associated with the link whisper on the Settings page.

How to fix orphaned content on your WordPress site?

So, once you have identified the orphaned content, you can link to those articles from other related posts and pages. Using a plugin like Link Whisper, you’ll see auto-link suggestions that you can customize on the Settings page.

Prevention is better than cure

If you want to prevent content from becoming orphaned, you need to make sure that it links to that content. When you link to it from elsewhere on your site, you help Google, and your audience reaches it. Linking to an article that generates a lot of traffic on a search engine will further increase the visibility of its content. 

However, you can’t do this for all content, so you need to be aware of the content that you link most often. Also, it’s always important to link everything and keep these internal links in place. It may be attractive.

The premium version of Link Whisper allows you to manage some other advanced options. Some of them are:

  • Option to add multiple links at once with the selected anchor text.
  • You can easily add internal links to older posts that are considered orphaned content.
  • Change the link to the post on the Report page.
  • Options to edit sentences, URLs, and anchor text in plugin settings.
  • Automatically links to a specific keyword list.
  • Change links in bulk.
  • Check and fix broken links.
  • Use Link Whisper to connect to another website and get the suggested link.
  • Ignore URLs or categories and avoid them in suggestions.

In addition to Link Whisper, there are several plugins you can consider to ensure proper internal link construction. Here are some tips:

Yoast SEO

So, Yoast is one of the most popular options for SEO. Use the Yoast SEO plugin; you can access additional columns in the post overview section for orphaned content. In addition, you can click here to view all posts on your site that do not have internal links.

This allows you to link these articles to existing related posts. Additionally, Yoast SEO provides well-analyzed recommendations for relevant posts when creating content on your website. Additionally, internal link blocks help you create a hierarchical link structure for your store.

This plugin provides some specialized tools for optimizing your website’s internal linking strategy. In addition, you can get a comprehensive overview of all internal links and information about the visits generated by those links. 

It also evaluates link juice and automatically suggests relevant links when creating new content. Plugins can also help you convert keywords into internal links and add references to products sold on your site. In addition, it’s fully compatible with the WordPress block editor, allowing you to specify which blocks to apply automatic links to.

Internal Link Juicer, an SEO auto linker for WordPress, is one of the best options in a WordPress repository that you can use to automate your internal linking strategy on your store. This plugin helps you diversify your anchor links and improve your related link work on your website.

So, You can configure a set of keywords, and links will be created automatically. Additionally, the plugin has several customization options. For example, predefined template tags and options to get the number of links per page and URL. Overall, this plugin is very user-friendly and ensures the best SEO results for your website.

Conclusion: keep an eye on that content!

It’s easy to create isolated content by unknowingly posting a lot. Fortunately, you can track it using YoastSEO Premium’s two remote content features. You can easily see which posts and pages are isolated and add links to important content for Google and your users to find.