There are many reasons why you might want to create your own blog, and it can be a highly rewarding venture. If you’ve felt the urge to share your thoughts and ideas but haven’t yet taken the plunge, there are several possible barriers preventing you from taking action. Trying anything new can be a scary experience, but with a blog, the worst that can happen is that no-one reads it! On the other hand, think of all the ways in which a blog could enrich your life. If you could find a way of overcoming the problems that are holding you back, you too could enjoy the rewards of having your own blog.

Barriers On Your Own Blog

Overcoming Barriers to Starting Your Own Blog
Overcoming Barriers to Starting Your Own Blog


I’m not a writer

It’s true that some people seem to have a more natural way with words than others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the skills of writing. There’s a wide range of courses and help guides available on the internet that can show you the basics of good writing. You can also use spelling and grammar tools to help you if you’re worried about your competence in the basics of composition. Once you’ve become more confident in your writing, you can start to refine it for blogging using the hints and tips from successful bloggers that can also be accessed online.

Don’t worry about your writing being perfect every time, the odd mistake isn’t going to be noticed by most of your readers, and even if they do spot an error, as long as the content is engaging enough they won’t be put off by imperfect writing.

Who would be interested in what I write about?

The internet connects people with the most specific of interests, so no matter what you want to write about, as long as you have something to contribute to a topic, there will be a potential audience. Even if you and your friends and family were the only people to ever read your blog, you would still get a tremendous sense of achievement and satisfaction from creating a permanent record of your writings on a favorite subject. Most successful bloggers start their blogs because they want to share their interests, knowledge, and experience with other people, not because they want to make a fortune or have thousands of followers. Their success builds up over time, often taking them by surprise.

I can’t afford to pay for my own site

If you didn’t know any better, it would be easy to assume. A website could cost thousands of dollars to design and maintain. It’s possible, of course, to spend vast amounts of cash on a professionally designed site with every clever function imaginable, but what you’re contemplating here is starting a simple blog. The costs of setting up your own WordPress blog could be far cheaper than you think. With free options and enhanced functionality for under a hundred dollars a year. For a simple blog, you don’t need to find too much of an investment at all. So before you dismiss the idea on the grounds of expense, check out what a blog would actually cost you.

If you’re having financial difficulties and even this amount is off-putting. Then take some time to address your situation and work towards improving your financial position. Start by creating a detailed budget of all your income and outgoings. Look at how you can manage your money more effectively. Make use of an authoritative financial planning site for advice on how to rebuild your credit rating, and when you feel more comfortable with your financial situation, revisit your wish to become a blogger. You might want to blog about your experiences with money. Offer advice and support to other people struggling with their cash flow. It’s just this kind of personal story that resonates with readers.

I don’t know what to write about

Overcoming Barriers to Starting Your Own Blog
Overcoming Barriers to Starting Your Own Blog


It’s not uncommon for people who like the idea of writing a blog to struggle with what they actually want to write about. It’s usually a case of lacking confidence in your expertise on a subject. For instance, if there are thousands of blogs covering travel. Fashion and beauty, you might wonder what you could possibly contribute. First of all, you should be writing your blog for yourself instead of worrying about what potential readers might want. The best writing comes from following your passion rather than trying to please an audience.

For instance, the people who start a blog because they’ve been told it’s what you need to do. To promote business rather than having the interest and enthusiasm of a genuine writer tend to end up with dry. Dull sales blurbs that appeal to no-one but merely tick a box on a marketing to-do list. Secondly, there’s always a new angle you can put on any topic. Such as writing for a specific niche or developing a unique perspective on a subject. For example, you could focus on fashion and beauty at a particular stage in life. Specialize in traveling with children; whatever you have a passion for and useful knowledge to share.

I don’t have the time for my own blog

If you’re writing for yourself and perhaps a few friends and family members. You can post your blogs as frequently or infrequently as you wish. This is the best way to start a blog. There’s no reason to let a lack of time hold you back. As you become more experienced and confident. You’ll find you can write a decent length post in half an hour or less. If you want to expand your audience, you’ll need to be posting regularly. Most days if you can. But you’ll find this becomes a part of your routine once you’ve got into the swing of things.

If you genuinely want to be a blogger, then all the barriers that are preventing you can solve it. Without too much difficulty. It may require some time to acquire the skills. Feel happy with making an investment, and start to build an audience, but it’s a highly rewarding endeavor. So, who knows, if your blog becomes popular enough you could even start earning money from it!

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