In today’s video, we will explain how to keep using your favourite WordPress drag and drop page builder plugins in WordPress 5 (Gutenberg) update, in some simple and easy methods so you can find it’s elements in the new WordPress 5 interface.
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If you keep up with WordPress news at all, you’ve surely heard of Gutenberg already. It’s been the centre of a whole lot of attention ever since the release of the beta version back in June of 2017. If you’re not keeping up with the goings-on of the community though, no one can blame you for not having heard much yet.

Front-End page builder usage video guide here.
Back-End page builder usage video guide here.

Page Builder Plugins Usage in WordPress 5 Gutenberg

Page Builder Plugins Usage in WordPress 5 Gutenberg
Page Builder Plugins Usage in WordPress 5 Gutenberg


As mentioned above, Gutenberg is the codename for the completely new post editor shipping with WordPress 5.0 in the very near future. Here’s a visual of what we’re dealing with.

As you can see, there’s a massive UI difference. All the features you love are still there, but how you’re going to use them is completely different. There will be new features as well, but Gutenberg is still a work in progress so any attempt at a complete feature list would be shaky at best.

The same work can be sent to all the theme and plugins developers that will need to update their works as we did for all our Visualmodo WordPress themes

Final Words

WordPress has to continue to evolve if it’s going to continue to grow, or even maintain, its place in the global CMS space. We’re over a quarter of the web, but that number is only going to shrink if we don’t continue to innovate and explore new ways to deliver the best website creation experience possible.

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