PayPal Payment Request Usage Guide

PayPal has a range of options for making & receiving payments fast & easy, Check this PayPal payment request usage guide & tutorial

PayPal Payment Requests Usage Guide

PayPal has various options for making and receiving payments, whether you’re looking to pay back a friend or bill a customer. The PayPal payment request is one way to request money, and you can use it in a couple of methods, check out this usage guide & tutorial.

As a blogger, I used to ask my clients to send the bill once the deal was done. It’s a good way. But there is a better way – using the money request or invoice option in Paypal.

One of the reviews is from that says: “Paypal is a great service for people who want to make payments online. It allows you to send and receive money through your computer or smartphone. You can pay your friends for dinner or buy an item from one of the many merchants that accept Paypal.”

If you are wondering about the difference between “Money Request” and “Invoice,” here is your answer. Money request is mainly used for personal purposes like getting payment from friends or family. The invoice is for business purposes. It gives you places to put a company logo, description, item number, shipping, etc.

In addition, you can explore and use Paypal Alternatives to payment gateways.

Invoicing System

Though money request is the easiest way, I prefer an invoicing system. Or some professional company to do your assignment. It is more professional. And Paypal makes creating invoices insanely easy. It has a built-in template for creating invoices following this PayPal payment request usage guide & tutorial.

Once I started sending invoices to my clients, it helped me to keep track of my finances. It also creates a positive impression and increases professionalism. So I would suggest using these Paypal features to get paid online. In this post, I will share how to send money requests or invoices through PayPal.

Let’s start with the payment request option. Moreover, many more gateways offer excellent and reputable secure payment options for everyone.

How To Send Payment Requests In PayPal

Sending money requests is the quickest way. Here’s how to request money on Paypal.


Firstly, log in to your Paypal account and click on “Send & Request” from the header.

Payment Request

On the next page, click “Request from anyone” from the “Request Money” section.

Then you need to enter the email, mobile number, or name of the person from whom you will get the payment. Usually, I use email. Now enter the email address and click on the “Next” button following the PayPal payment request usage guide & tutorial.

Amount & Notes

Then enter the amount and select the currency. By the way, you will be charged a small fee to receive the money. The fee is $0.30 plus 1.9% to 2.9% of the amount. *The fee may change according to your country)

Writing a note is not mandatory, but it can make the purpose clear to the payer. Then click on “Request Money”. You’ll get a success notification. You can see the pending request on your account summary, from where you can send a reminder or edit the amount or cancel the request.

PayPal Payment Request: Invoices

Using a payment request is good for getting payment from friends or family. But when it comes to professional payment, you should use the Paypal invoicing system. Paypal has a built-in invoice generator. Here’s how to generate invoices using Paypal.

PayPal Account

First, you must log into your Paypal account and click on “Send & Request” from the header.

Invoice Creation

On the next page, click “Create and manages invoices” from the Request Money section. Then you will be taken to the Paypal Invoice page. Just click on “Create New Invoice.” Then you need to create a template for your invoice.

To create the template, upload your company logo (1), enter an email address (2), enter the description, quantity, and price (3), Write a note to the receipt (4) and click on Preview (5) to see how your invoice will look to the recipient.

You will be charged a small fee to receive the money through the invoice. So, the fee is $0.30 plus 1.9% to 2.9% of the amount.

Invoice Delivery

If you are happy with your Invoice, click on the send button. So this is how you can create an invoice within a few minutes that looks professional. You can see the Invoice on your Paypal summary from where you can send a reminder or edit the amount or cancel the invoice.

PayPal Payment Request Final Words

I hope this post helped you to send a money request or create an invoice on Paypal. PayPal is the go-to method today to receive and accept payments electronically, even if there are many PayPal alternatives available.

But some online services are popping up that only accept cryptocurrency as the payment method. But you can also use PayPal to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies.

Finally, now I’d like to hear from you. So, how do you get payment from your clients? Do you use any other options? Let us know via comment. However, if you found this post helpful, help me by sharing this post on Facebook, and Twitter.