Pcloudy – Best Cross Browser Testing Platform

This blog article will discuss the pCloudy features, which makes it the best platform for cross browser testing applications.

Pcloudy - Best Cross Browser Testing Platform

Developing an application without testing is just a history. Today testing has become the most crucial part of Quality Engineering. Testing has evolved greatly over the last two decades, and consistent efforts have been made to decrease the test cycle timings and increase the device coverage. When it comes to web application testing, cross-browser compatibility is the greatest challenge. The idol platform would be where we could test all the devices available in the market without compromising the speed and quality of testing. Here pCloudy comes into the picture. This blog will discuss the pCloudy features, which makes it the best platform for testing website applications.

Pcloudy - Best Cross Browser Testing Platform


Although pCloudy is both a web and mobile application testing platform, we will focus on its web application testing features. pCloudy is a continuous testing platform for testing desktop web applications and mobile applications. It consists of two independent clouds of devices for testing mobile and desktop web applications. The cloud for testing desktop web applications is called the browser cloud.

In addition, the browser cloud is a cloud of laptops. It consists of 2000+ device browser combinations, enabling cross browser compatibility with almost all devices available in the target market. It supports parallel testing, which increases the speed of testing by multiple folds. So, pCloudy is highly scalable, helping the teams choose the devices as per the project requirements.

Being a continuous testing platform enables high-speed testing and providing efficient results. It supports integrating various tools and test automation frameworks like Appium, Espresso, Robotium, Bamboo, Jenkins, etc., which provides a healthy environment for continuous integration and a systematic ci/cd pipeline. Being a cloud platform, you have 24/7 access to the platform and can access it anywhere and anytime.

It enables geographically separated teams to perform testing and maintain business continuity during challenging times like pandemic. It consists of multiple out of box pCloudy features to make testing simple and seamless. For example, the widget enables testing in private servers, a QR scanner for testing the QR codes in your app, app language change for changing the app’s language in the native language.

Features of Browser Cloud

  • Can perform both manual and automation testing on both ios, mac systems
  • Secondly, real Mac and Windows machines
  • Can perform functional testing
  • Access to unlimited user logins
  • Access to a variety of browsers
  • Screenshots and bug reporting
  • Supports Local site testing Wildnet
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Supports Multi-resolution testing
  • In addition to unlimited automation minutes
  • Supports ci/cd integration
  • Finally, it supports selenium script execution


When it comes to solving the compatibility issue, testing your application on all the target market devices is the best solution. pCloudy provides this solution on a cloud with access to 2000+ device browser combinations. Parallel testing and high scalability is the added advantage.

In conclusion, it enables high-speed testing by supporting continuous testing. These are some of the fundamental elements which are a must for developing high-performance web applications. On top of this, it has many out of box features supported by futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Also, it integrates several automation testing frameworks and collaborative tools to make testing simple and seamless. These features make pCloudy the best platform for web application testing.