Five Questions to Ask When You Choose a New Office

Choosing a new office is exciting! Read in this article some crucial questions when choosing a new space for your office

By Claudio Pires
Updated on February 5, 2024
Five Questions to Ask When You Choose a New Office

Choosing a new office is exciting! You may have one or several reasons for electing to relocate your business, but settling into a new place of work should be full of thrilling expectations. Read in this article some crucial questions when choosing a new space for your office.

Nonetheless, it’s also a big decision that will affect your workforce in numerous ways. It is, therefore, crucial that you ask the right questions when choosing where you should relocate your office. For example, the wrong location can cost employees or customers. Furthermore, you should make choices based on your business’s future needs, not just your current situation.

It’s easy to understand that the more comfortable and confident employees are, they won’t have as many problems and thus increase productivity. Building a new office from scratch without forgetting details and, most importantly, making a low-risk investment can be a real challenge.

Questions to Ask When You Choose a New Office

1- Will It Inspire My Workers/Me?

Your workers are going to spend a lot of their lives in the new office that you select. Indeed, they spend nearly as long in their place of work as they do in their own homes, and as such, it’s vital to ensure that you’re not making employees uncomfortable or reluctant when you move them to a new office.

Inspiring new offices should have better facilities than your previous office and should perhaps take a more modern approach to design and layout than more dated, aged offices that you may well be moving away from.

Give them something to cheer about in access to a gym, some showers, a nice canteen, or better-surrounding amenities like bathrooms with high-quality powder-coated metal partitions, and they’ll renew their enthusiasm for working with and for you.

2- What’s The Capacity: When You Choose a New Office

Your second question is to look at the capacity that the office space can hold. Your business size and projected growth should naturally be taken into account when selecting a new office. You’ll not want to feel crowded and unable to expand from the get-go.

Likewise, a ghost office with too few people in it is hardly going to be inspiring. Buzzing workspace for your company.

To mitigate these size issues, you might want to consider taking up a co-working space. Especially if you’re a business that’s only just starting.

Check out the offerings to see how these spaces operate and the multiple benefits you’ll enjoy. If you decide to hire a part of a larger co-working office environment.

With so many co-working spaces opening up to service smaller enterprises. You’ll be spoilt for choice for these hotspots of creativity and hard work.

3- Is It Well Located: When You Choose a New Office

Ask any employee what they’re looking for from an office. They’re very likely to say that they want it to be an easy commute away from their home. It should really rule out your relocation into a town 30 miles away. As you’ll be forcing plenty of employees to change their commute to work entirely.

A central location is likely to be the best option. The most impressive and easy for visiting customers and clients. Too. Your zip code will, in some ways, represent the strength and prestige of your brand. You’ll want to show off central offices to your clients far more than an out-of-the-way site.

4- Is the Location Customer Friendly?

You also want customers to access your office since shipping costs are rising easily, and people may be reluctant to travel to your business. If you’re moving from an urban area to a more affordable suburb, consider whether the lower costs offset the potential loss of customers.

5- Are there hidden costs that I still need to consider?

Calculate the total cost of renting the space, utilities, construction costs, moving costs, and other costs that may need to be clarified. Since there may be hidden fees, it is recommended that you hire a professional broker to help you understand your total costs. Look at the expense of moving or repairing the room you moved out of.


We hope we’ve helped you understand what to base your choice on with some crucial questions to ask yourself when choosing new office space for your company’s future needs, not just thinking about your current situation.

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