Review of Best Free Software for Students

We'll share a review of the best free license software for students for installation and use of which you do not have to pay a penny.

Review of Best Free Software for Students

We’ll share a review of the best free license software for students for installation and use of which you do not have to pay a penny. There’s a price to pay for everything in life. This is an ancient unwritten law that, along with the law of energy conservation, has been in force and will always be in force. However, there are loopholes in any law. In this article, we will consider the software useful for students.

Best Free Software for Students Review

Review of Best Free Software for Students

So, let’s imagine you are a progressive student of the 21st century, a happy owner of a laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet. You’ll agree that using all this wealth and power exclusively for playing games, watching movies and other entertainment is completely inefficient. Perhaps, this is what I want to do, but we are strongly against this approach. That’s why, below, we have collected useful and free software, installing which, you can greatly facilitate your student life. Let’s talk about it right away – here we do not consider “crack” programs, but rely on the self-awareness of citizens.

Useful software for students

Let’s start with Microsoft Office for Students. After all, doing anything without such programs – it is simply impossible: you need somewhere to edit coursework from paper writing service, make a presentation to it, make a table, and make up a schedule. Students have the opportunity to use the full version of Office for free: to obtain a license you need to specify a valid e-mail address in the system of your school.

MS Office

What if there is no e-mail address in the school system? Fortunately, if you do not have the opportunity to install MS Office, it has a decent free alternative – Open Office package. Probably, it is true, that while working with Open Office there will be problems with reading and formatting of documents. In this case, there is one more alternative variant. Cloud service with excellent Google Drive functionality, which requires only an Internet connection.

Besides Microsoft, lots of software developers support students. So, while you are a student, it is possible to use software products of company Autodesk absolutely for free. For example, in order to install free AutoCad, you only need to register and get a license. The license is issued for three years.


Another company that provides free licenses for students is JetBrains. This company produces software and allows future developers to use most of the products for free. What you need to do is go to the JetBrains Student section of the website. Register, and soon you will receive an email with your license activation data. The license validity period is one year, after which you will need to confirm that you are a real student, not a former one, and get a new license.


Geogebra is a free program for mathematicians. It is a cross-platform math application supported by Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android. For those students whose mathematics course goes beyond school, Geogebra is a great helper. The interface of the program is simple and straightforward, and you can download it for free. Geogebra – graphical calculator for functions, statistics, geometry. Need to build a 3D graphics of hyperbolic paraboloid? Geogebra can do it! Try to use it and the math will be clearer and easier. SO, one of the best free software for students.

Finally, If Geogebra is better suited for visualization of geometrical tasks, that for everything else is Maxima. Maxima is a system for working with symbolic and numerical expressions. It knows how to differentiate, how to arrange a function in a row. So, knows the Laplace transform, will help to solve the differential equation, will facilitate work with matrices and polynomials.