Buttons are a great way to add clickable elements to your sliders. Below are ways to add them depending on the slider plugin you are using. The easiest way to add a button to a Revolution Slider is to create one using the built-in Layer General Parameter and a scroll down button in the slider can make it look amazing and also help on the navigation.

Scroll Down Button Panel

Go to your WordPress dashboard > Revolution slider < area and open the slider show editor.

1. Select the Add Layer, and then select from the menu button.

Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin Scroll Down Button

2. In the window, select the type of button “scroll”

3. Action Style “Scroll Below Slider”  to the Layer.

Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin Scroll Down Button
Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin Scroll Down Button


And set the scroll offset and everything.


All Visualmodo WordPress themes not only supports, but includes the premium Slider Revolution plugin (a $ 25 value) for free along with your purchase of the theme. Easily create and manage unique slideshows with captivating transitions and animations that are all completely responsive. With Marvel, you can easily include a slider in any page with the best slider plugin.

You can download sliders for free here.

Scroll Down and buttons on Revolution Slider WordPress plugin.

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