In this age when information is right at your fingertips, Google is king. It’s the biggest search engine in the world with an overwhelming number of users daily. However, it is also true that using the same search engine over and over again can get a little monotonous. If you do find yourself looking for something new, a search engines alternative or Google’s targeted ads are making you feel wary, don’t worry. Other search engines are slowly catching up to Google, and they also have added features.

Search Engines Alternative to Google

These search engines that are great alternatives to Google might be your new go-to when searching online.


DuckDuckGo is a privacy-oriented search engine. It doesn’t track or store your internet trail, so you can search all you want and never feel like you’re being spied on. It gives you the searching privacy you deserve without compromising your personal information.

DuckDuckGo also has handy! bang command. This feature lets you search directly on other sites. Let’s say you want to look for earphones on Amazon. You can just type “!amazon earphones” as your search query, and you’ll see all the top results on Amazon.

On November 13, 2017, DuckDuckGo had over 20 million searches, just for that day. With a steady increase in users every day, DuckDuckGo is surely worth trying out.

Search Engines Alternative: HotBot

If anonymity, safety, and speed are what you’re looking for in a search engine, then HotBot promises you all that. Originally launched in 1996, HotBot went through several hands before being taken over by HotBot Canada Inc. The new, which is now powered by Bing, is a search engine that prioritizes one online safety.

Hotbot’s spider can index over 10 million sites a day, which helps keep your search results fresh and updated.


Have you ever had a topic in mind and wanted to know others’ opinion on it? Maybe you just want to read a discussion about antique figurines, if that’s your thing. However, searching through hundreds of forums is incredibly cumbersome. Don’t you worry because BoardReader has your back?

BoardReader is a labor-saving search engine that will let you search for topics in online forums and message boards just by typing a keyword. The search results can even give you specific comments related to your keyword or an entire thread related to that keyword. It’s perfect for finding niche content without trawling through dozens of forums.


If you want a simple search engine that gives you pretty basic results, try Unlike Google, the first page of the results is less conventional. So if you want to find less popular sites related to your keyword, is the search engine for you. However, like Google, they also store a fair bit of your info, though they do have an opt-out feature.

Be warned, though, certain keywords can give you adult results. So if you want to search using, don’t do it in the office.


Available in 15 languages, Qwant has the potential to be one of the safest internationally-used search engines. This search engine doesn’t track or personalize search results. By doing this, Qwant gives you fresh search results that aren’t based on your past searches or your online behavior. Additionally, they have a feature called Panoramic Search, which gives you all the relevant information regarding your search.

One feature users love about Qwant is that it displays all the search results on one page. That way, you can scroll through an endless list of results.

Search Engines Alternative: SwissCows

SwissCows is an innovative search engine that promises to protect your digital life by not storing your personal data. This search engine’s main feature is giving you quicker “answers” to any searches. To further help you with your search, the results page has a graph with relevant keywords that you can use to refine your search. Simply click on one of the keywords to give SwissCows more info about what you’re looking for.

SwissCows puts great importance in giving you only family-friendly content. If you search for any adult-related keywords, the site won’t give you any results. This makes SwissCows the perfect search engine for youngsters who are just learning to use the internet.

Make online searches a breeze by trying out these search engine alternatives to Google!

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