Security Tips to Keep Your Magento Store Safe From Hackers

Online stores possess massive customer data. In this article, we'll see the best security tips to keep your Magento store safe from hackers.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Security Tips to Keep Your Magento Store Safe From Hackers

The eCommerce industry has recently been blossoming related to the significant change in people’s shopping behavior; now, they prefer to buy online. Among eCommerce platforms, online business owners believe Magento to be a reliable, robust, and powerful platform that supports over 250 000 eCommerce stores. However, despite having a built-in robust security system, Magento sites are still vulnerable to cyber-attacks. They are tempting targets for hackers for two reasons. First, online stores possess massive customer data. In this article, we’ll see the best security tips to keep your Magento store safe from hackers.

Private information and payment (for example, credit card) details. Then, compared to other websites, it’s easier for hackers to find vulnerable points of eCommerce web stores and steal the data.


As an online business owner, you should know how to prevent financial data leakage from your Magento web store. If records of thousands of customers without direction. Because of security breaches, your business reputation will get out. To avoid such fatal situations, follow these tips or contact Magento support providers to discover ways of implementing additional safety measures and protecting your online store from hackers. 

Always Upgrade Your Software to the Latest Version

Most eCommerce websites get hacks because they operate on old Magento versions. Usually, the older versions are more vulnerable than the latest ones. They include bugs and poor security that hackers discover and use for stealing customer details. So, a good way to create better security for your Magento store. When the platform releases new versions, they fix the bugs and strengthen the security system, making it difficult to hack. Suppose your online store is on another platform. So, discover options for migrating to Magento. 

Ensure Your Store’s Security by Using Strong Passwords

There can be cases when eCommerce platforms implement robust security procedures, but hackers still steal customer records. How? Store owners use weak, four-digit passwords. To secure the safety of your Magento store, make sure to follow these password tips.

  • Create long, intricate passwords that include digits, punctuation marks, at least one capital, and small letter. We do not recommend using your birthday information, name, and age for the security of your Magento store.
  • Generate a separate password for your Magento store account. It can be handy but highly insecure. Usually, people use the same letters and numbers for their social media accounts, email, and eCommerce account. Once the password of an account gets a detection, your eCommerce account also comes under threat.
  • Don’t store your password in the browser. Typing the user ID and password every time can be tiresome. But you’d better do some extra work than gamble on your safety. Your passwords can also be exposed and stolen if your laptop gets infected. 
  • Reset your password at least once in three months. Regular password changes block intruders. 

Turn on Two-Step Authentication Security Tips to Your Safe Magento Store Safe

How? If somehow an attacker manages to uncover your login details, your Magento account will stay protected through two-step authentication. They cannot hack your store if they don’t have access to the security code. Sent to your email address or phone number. To implement 2FA, go to Magento marketplace and choose an extension possessing required security features. 

Apply SSL Encryption and HTTPS Certificate

Another option for securing your Magento store is implementing a security SSL certificate. It encrypts the information sent from users’ computers and received from the Magento website. Anyone can apply the SSL encryption easily by opening the settings and modifying the URL to HTTPS. Afterward, your URLs will begin with HTTPS://, and a green padlock symbol will appear in the address line. It will show that the connection is secure. 

Host Your Website on a Private Server

If the hosting is cheap, most probably, your Magento web store isn’t hosted on a private server but a shared one. It means all websites may get compromised if a single site hosted on the shared server gets hacked. A remote server won’t ensure 100% security, but it will eliminate several vulnerabilities. 

Security Tips to Your Safe Magento Store Safe: Final Thoughts

While it’s impossible to guarantee absolute immunity to cyberattacks, several security measures can eliminate the possibility of being hacked. Consider following these tips to protect your Magento web store from hackers.

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