Sending a gift to someone who lives outside the United States can either be a smooth affair, or it can turn out to be a real nightmare! It all depends on the destination, your choice of gift, and, of course, the medium of delivery. If someone in another country is getting married, having a birthday party, or celebrating any other important date, we have a few tips for you that will help make the experience as smooth as possible.

Sending Gifts to Friends and Family Living Outside US Facts and Ideas

Buy Online from an e-shop that is Located in the Destination Country: Sending gifts outside US

The most ideal way to minimize foreign currency exchange fees and completely eliminate export-import duties from the expenses is to buy the gift from a local online retailer. Whether you are trying to get fresh flowers delivered on the anniversary date or send a new PlayStation 5 to your nephew, they will receive your gift faster and your additional expenses will be kept to a minimum.

Send Money Online

If you are unsure of what would make for a perfect gift, or when you cannot find the gift you wanted to send them, provide them with the opportunity to choose for themselves. Thanks to reliable, simple, and secure international money transfer apps. So, a good tip sending gifts outside US. it is now possible to send money online with minimum transaction fees, right from your smartphone. In case you have a dependent family outside the US, you will appreciate the advantage even more.

Despite the currency conversion and transaction fees, online fund transfers are still going to be a lot cheaper than buying and shipping something as a gift from the United States. Besides, the local customs department may at times make the receiving party pay additional duties or put the entire package on hold indefinitely. Sending the amount of money you think would be appropriate for the occasion is a smarter, faster, and safer choice.

Understand the Restrictions on International Shipping: Sending gifts outside US

Before you ship out anything to anyone. It is important that you first consider the laws surrounding your gift, in regard to the three major parties involved.

  1. Your own nation
  2. The destination country
  3. The courier/delivery company

For example, you cannot ship perishable food. Alcoholic beverages, or tobacco-based products of any kind from the United States as gifts. Merchant licenses will allow such exports, of course, but P2P gifting of such items is not allowed. Aside from those, check out some of the important federal rules that regulate gift shipments made from the US next:

  • Up to $100, or items worth as much as/below $100 are from duty and taxation.
  • The above limit is on a per-day basis, but the IRS might take notice. If someone is receiving “gifts” every day!

For more authentic and detailed information sending gifts outside US, take a look at this section of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

It is also worth noting that due to the ongoing restrictions in relation to the pandemic. International shipping is still somewhat of an uncertain aspect. There might be additional restrictions to implement by the local government as well. So sticking to either of the options we suggested is probably a better idea, for now at least.

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