When you have a business you want to propel to popularity or relevance, you’re likely going to rely on search engine optimization (SEO) to at least get it ranked on Google. However, sometimes this doesn’t necessarily get you the kind of returns you’re looking for. After all, not all SEO strategies work the way you expect them to, and sometimes a change in perspective is needed to get you the results you’re looking for. For example, are you doing business locally? You may want to boost your rankings in your area or country. If that’s the case, a local SEO can do some magic for your business.

Doing Business Locally & SEO

SEO Tips When Doing Business Locally to Boost Your Rankings
SEO Tips When Doing Business Locally to Boost Your Rankings


It might help to get a bit of insight as to how SEO can work for your benefit if you execute your campaigns properly. And a lot of this actually has to do with how search engines work. Did you know that Google alone actually accounts for more than 79% of all existing desktop search traffic worldwide? If you convert this into views, that’s around 63,000 searches every second of every day. In comparison, Yahoo, Baidu, and Bing combined makes up the remaining percentage. This is important, as 72% of customers who do local searches for stores actually visit sites if they find out that the business operates within five (5) miles of them. These are just some of the benefits you might reap when you take SEO more seriously.

Boosting Your Rankings: Local SEO Tips

With the above taken into consideration, it’s important to note that location plays a huge role in determining how much traction you can get with a particular demographic. In this case, a local business like yours may benefit a lot from a local SEO agency who knows how to boost the appeal of your brand on a local level. However, before you fully push through with a local SEO strategy or hiring an agency to do it for you, here are the things you ought to know:

  • Clear your logistics first by completing online business listings: If you want to propel your company on a more localized SEO front, it’s time to pull out the big guns. Start by creating a Google My Business profile so you can put out relevant details of your business for Google to show to interested viewers. This will make your business similar to how other businesses appear in Google – with a company name, address, phone numbers, a Google Maps address, and some relevant information. You can also put your company in other relevant online page listings; ensure that there are no duplicates and that you’re “registered” to search engines as a business.
  • Consistency and accuracy are key in terms of information: A local SEO push means you wanting to focus your efforts on attracting viewers to your location or to your company in a niche that caters to a community. This means information such as your name, address, phone number, and other relevant information that explains the nature of your work should be accurate and consistent. This makes it easier for Google and other search engines to recognize you as a legitimate business.
  • Find keywords specific to your local area or audience: When you want to focus on your local SEO strategies, it’s important to remember that you should start by identifying relevant keywords to your location and to your audience. This means removing from yourself the mentality that things only work out when catering to a worldwide audience. Instead, focus on attracting you target audience. What keywords appeal to your audiences the most when it’s your niche that’s the topic? Identify those immediately.
  • Ask for more customer reviews and testimonials: Now that you’re pushing for a local SEO thrust, try asking for more customer reviews and testimonials. You can even tap local influencers and bloggers to review your service and your products in order to get the attention of the members of your niche. Making sure you have a steady network of people constantly being aware of your site can boost not just viewers but potential leads.
  • Make sure you have room for relevant content on your website and social media platforms: This goes without saying, but don’t forget to create content that is informative and relevant to your viewers across your website and social media platforms. Don’t settle for blogs over the same subject. Try your best to interact more with your viewers, and share information you think can be of their interest, especially with their needs.
  • Competition analysis will not hurt the way you operate: A lot of people might dissuade you from focusing on the competition, especially because you are focusing on a local level. However, the opposite is true. Because you’re operating locally, it is highly advisable to have an idea on how your competition is doing so you know exactly what to do to stay ahead.

Conclusion: Going Local for Powerful SEO Benefits

SEO Tips When Doing Business Locally to Boost Your Rankings
SEO Tips When Doing Business Locally to Boost Your Rankings


Sometimes, it’s important to assess whether your SEO game should focus on general SEO or local SEO, as knowing this will determine your approach for effective marketing. By examining the points mentioned above, you may have realized that focusing on your local SEO game can boost your rankings in the local demographic. This system works best if you want to dominate a more localized area or if you have a physical store or location you want to plug. Take your resources and objectives into careful consideration should you want to get that local SEO push, so you can achieve your business locally goals in no time!

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