A great free WordPress plugin to secure and make your site users experience better. Simple Google reCAPTCHA will protect your WordPress! No more spam comments and brute-force attacks against user accounts. Really lightweight plugin – just few KBs to download!

What is protected with reCAPTCHA?

  • Comment form
  • New password form
  • Registration form
  • Login form
  • Reset password form
  • BuddyPress and WooCommerce support

Simple Google reCAPTCHA

reCaptcha verification will be required just for not registered users! reCAPTCHA protects internet users from spam and abuse wherever they go. Today we’re excited to introduce the new Android API of reCAPTCHA (see our blog). As part of Google SafetyNet API, it mitigate risks on mobile through enhanced security and uses the latest Invisible reCAPTCHA technology to streamline user experience. Get developer updates here.

Simple Google reCAPTCHA Free WordPress Plugin


  1. Upload Simple reCAPTCHA files to the “/wp-content/plugins/simple-google-recaptcha” directory, or install Google reCAPTCHA through the WordPress Plugins page directly.
  2. Activate reCAPTCHA through the WordPress Plugins page.
  3. Use the menu Settings => reCAPTCHA to configure the plugin.


Download https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-google-recaptcha/

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