It all began when the internet was commercialized and made available for everyone to use. Companies used this chance to make their products and services available for people from every part of the world. The last decade of the 20th century is the moment when e-commerce was born and now, social commerce.

Social Commerce

The Biggest Trend In Advertising

Social Commerce InfoGraphic
Social Commerce Info Graphic


Social commerce, the topic for today, is one of the latest ways of advertising, which is a part of e-commerce in general. In order to be up to date with the latest trends in digital technology, more and more companies are starting to use the social networks as a means of advertising space.

How does social commerce work?

It is really simple. Companies “show off” their brands, and the millions of people using social networks on a daily basis are going to see their advertisements. The best thing is that people are going to share experiences with others, making them potential customers. Shopping platforms like Amazon use social commerce to advertise items and offer the various Amazon discounts listed on their website, and in doing so they increase the potential number of people that will end up seeing the advertisement.

How important is social commerce?

A big percent of customers (87%) say that social media helps them decide what to buy, while 25% seek advice on social networks when choosing apparel. A huge 90% of followers say that they try to reach out to brands via social media. In the United States, 59% of customers think that the customer service via social media makes it easier to get answers and issues resolved.

In 2017, the total social network advertising revenue was a mind-blowing $41 billion.

Product brands with the most Facebook fans.

– Coca-Cola 107M
– Red Bull 49M
– Nike Football 44M
– Converse All Star 44M
– Oreo 43M

Instagram’s most followed brands.

– Nike 77M
– Zara 25.2M
– H&M 24.9M
– Adidas 19.4M
– Forever 14.5M

Please check out the wonderful infographic created by the guys at to find out more interesting facts about the growing social commerce.

Social Commerce: The Biggest Trend In Advertising
Social Commerce: The Biggest Trend In Advertising


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