Something GREAT is coming – Visual Elements WordPress Plugin

Add more power for your WordPress with our amazing WordPress plugin - visual elements for visual composer add-on build by visualmodo

Visual Elements WordPress Plugin

in The best elements add-ons for page builder WordPress plugin are coming soon to you WordPress. To add power, flexibility, and innovation to your site. The Visual Elements plugin will add a lot of possibilities to your layout as content elements.

This is an add-ons style plugin for Visual Composer, a famous premium WordPress plugin that costs $45, and you gain for free while Visualmodo Themes usage on your website or can purchase a stand alone license to use on your theme. It’s a drag and drops page builder plugin.

Visual Elements WordPress Plugin

The Visual Elements for WordPress will give you site elements like:

  • Firstly, the portfolio
  • Secondly, Team member
  • Testimonials
  • Counters
  • Icons
  • Icon boxes
  • SVG in addition to custom icons
  • Progress Bar
  • List
  • List Group
  • Knowledge-base
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Alet
  • Tweets
  • Modal
  • Blog
  • Pricing
  • Finally, special icons upload feature for WordPress.

This is an addon style plugin, so, it will be in use among other plugins to generate and amazing results for your site. Creating spacial post types like portfolio, team, knowledge base. Moreover, you can have custom filter icons on your portfolAll the Visual Elements features are very easy to use and fully responsive ready from the start.