Special Characters in WordPress Usage Guide

Have you ever wondered how websites have lots of different special characters and symbols in WordPress? It’s simple to add them, learn how to do it here.

Special Characters in WordPress Usage Guide

Have you ever wondered how other websites have lots of different special characters in WordPress? It’s quite simple to add them because they are found natively in the WordPress visual editor and they have a lot of applications. They allow you to add special characters and mathematical symbols in WordPress and this can be extremely handy depending on what the focus of your website is.

Special Characters And Symbols In WordPress

Special Characters in WordPress Usage Guide

This tutorial is going to show you how to add special characters to a post/page in WordPress.

A Plugin To Apply Special Characters in WordPress

If you need to add special characters on a regular basis, then you would be better off using a plugin instead of checking the HTML entity reference chart each time. Firstly, you need to do is install and activate the Insert Special Characters plugin. Moreover, see our step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin. Secondly, upon activation, simply edit the post or page where you want to add special characters. Inside the paragraph block, click on the drop-down arrow in the block toolbar and select the ‘Special characters’ option.

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Finally, this will bring up a popup displaying special characters. Simply locate the special character you want to add and then click to insert it into the editor.

Adding Special Characters in Old WordPress Editor

If you are still using the old classic editor in WordPress, then here is how you can easily add special characters while writing blog posts. First, you need to click on the kitchen sink button. This will expand the second row of formatting options where you should see the Special Characters button.

Clicking on the special characters button will bring up a pop-up window showing some commonly used special characters. It has currency symbols, trademark, copyright, registered signs, mathematical symbols, and signs. Remember, this method would only work if you are using the old editor in WYSIWYG mode. If you are using it in the text mode, then you’ll either need to switch to the Visual editor. Or use the HTML entities method described above. You simply need to just click on the symbol or special WordPress character you want to use, and it will be added to your post.