Sports Betting On Volleyball: General Things To Consider

This discipline is equally attractive for those who prefer sports betting before the match and for fans of live volleyball betting via

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on July 25, 2022
Sports Betting On Volleyball: General Things To Consider

Volleyball is a dynamic game, which due to its specificity, is great for betting. This discipline is equally attractive for those who prefer sports betting before the match and for fans of live volleyball betting via

Sports Betting On Volleyball: General Things To Consider

General Things To Consider

Volleyball Betting Features

For sports betting, it’s necessary to study the peculiarities and subtleties of the game. However, placing a bet based solely on statistics or on the value of the odds is a direct path to the drain of the game bank.

It’s necessary to consider the format of the meeting. Volleyball matches come in 3-sets and 5-sets. Teams build tactics primarily based on the duration of the game. For example, in a 5-set confrontation, you can give your opponent one set to rest and recover before the decisive segment. This will affect the result of the set and the total; which will be tied in this case.

In a volleyball match, there cannot be a draw. Depending on the meeting, one of the teams must win 2 or 3 sets. A tie-break, 3rd or 5th set is awarded; if the teams played 1:1 or 2:2. In this case, if a team must score 25 points in the normal quarter, whoever is first to score 15 points will win in the tie-break.

So, marks the victory for that team that first scored the required number of points and has an advantage of at least 2 points. For example, there cannot be a score of 25-24 or 15-14. In this case, assigned the control ball. The meeting will continue until one of the teams has a 2-point lead. This is important to consider when playing totals.

How To Analyze Volleyball Matches For Betting

Volleyball isn’t the toughest sport to analyze and predict for sports betting, it doesn’t have as many subtleties as baseball, but still, they exist.

In volleyball, the libero and the main attacker matter. These two players on the team have a significant influence on the outcome of the game. If they are injured; or miss a match for any other reason, the team’s play gets weaker.

A significant advantage in the middle of a set is that it doesn’t always hold until the end. And should consider this when betting live during a set when the bookmaker offers a handicap. The leader can also increase the lead, but this doesn’t always happen. A team confident in the score may practice and hone some combinations. In other situations, the coach may bench the team leader to release him or her for the next game, where it will be necessary to build a lead again.

Modern volleyball

Every strong team in modern volleyball should have a player with a powerful and difficult serve. Almost every match, and more than once, has a series of 3-5 consecutive points thanks to strong and accurate serves.

The third set in volleyball, after a score of 2-0 in favor of the favorite; is often won by the outsider. Of course, there may be many other implications for this, but to be sure, take 10-20 volleyball matches where the score in sets is 2-0 in favor of the favorite, and memorize the odds of the outsider winning the third set and look at the result, it will most likely surprise you.

Volleyball top clubs play in various international tournaments. This can affect the result of not being the most important match in the home championship before the decisive game at the world level.
Volleyball is still a sport where you can confidently make predictions based on statistics. It isn’t as unpredictable as table tennis, hockey, or football.

Despite volleyball’s predictability, live rather than pre-match matches are suitable for correct sports betting on volleyball. Given today’s interactive broadcasts and match centers that bookies provide their players, as well as a mass of statistics, it’s more correct not in terms of reliability but to find the most profitable and justifiable odds.